15 Photos That Will Make You Feel Smarter

No matter how educated someone is, there exists the opportunity to do dumb things. And not just dumb things. Like, unspeakably dumb things that no one who has been alive for more than one minute should have an excuse for doing. People say life is short, but honestly each day presents people with more and more opportunities to make painfully dumb choices. That fact is well represented in these dumb photos of people doing dumb things that'll make you feel smarter. Seriously, you won't believe how truly stupid some people can be. That being said, it's all good to laugh at them from the safety of your Internet connection.


  • Future Darwin Award Winner

    Future Darwin Award Winner
    Photo: Pinterest
  • Stuck In The Middle With You

    Stuck In The Middle With You
    Photo: Pinterest
  • Dumb & Dumbbells

    Dumb & Dumbbells
    Photo: Pinterest
  • All Brawn And No Brains

    All Brawn And No Brains
    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit