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The Dumbest Questions Ever Asked To Retail Workers

If you've ever worked in retail, you're all too familiar with certain customers' inane shopping habits. Even worse than obnoxious restaurant diners, bad shoppers are exceedingly aggressive and seemingly unintelligent. Many people know nothing about this dark side of retail, though. If you haven't experienced a bad customer, you probably don't how ridiculous their various questions can be. It seems farcical that someone would ask whether a turkey meatloaf tastes more like turkey or meatloaf... but that question has been asked.

Retail workers on Reddit are fed up with the crazy questions. They may be required to bite their tongues and answer everyone respectfully, but these employees are taking notes. If you tend to ask idiotic questions, know you're being judged. 

  • You Shouldn't Have To Pay For Something You Technically Used, Right?

    From Redditor/u/GrantRusticus:  

    "I was working at a car battery store when a customer came in with a receipt for a battery he had bought a couple weeks ago, asking for a refund. I asked him if he had the battery with him, so that we could take the battery back and refund him the money, when he said, 'No I don't have it anymore, I put it in a car I just sold.' Confused, I replied, 'You want us to refund you for a battery that you don't have anymore?' He responds, just as confused, 'Yeah well I don't have the battery anymore, so why should I have to pay for it? You need to refund me.'

    He did not leave the store happy that day."

  • The Bathroom Is Omniscient

    From Redditor/u/SenorBeef:  

    "- Hey, the bathroom door is locked. Can I get a key?

    - There's no key, if it's locked there's someone in there.

    - How does it know?

    - How does... what... know... what?

    - How does the bathroom know someone is in there?

    - People... people go in and then they lock the door while they're using it.

    [5 second pause]


  • It Doesn't Work If You Don't Have It

    From Redditor/u/Proxy12345

    "Customer screaming: 'MY NEW CAR'S BACK WIPER DOESN'T WORK!!!'

    We walk outside, look at back window.

    Me: 'You don't have a back wiper blade.'"

  • Nobody Wants To Wait Their Turn In Line

    From Redditor/u/Arii797ros

    "I'm a cashier... and one time I had a lady ask me of I could 'tell everyone else to let her go first.' Like, she expected me to force everyone who had been patiently waiting in line to let her cut them. It wasn't like she only had one or two items either; her cart was packed."