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Dumb TV Comedies That Have A Way Bigger Following Than They Should

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Why is it that great shows like Arrested Development or Happy Endings get canceled after three seasons, but moronic shows like 2 Broke Girls get six? The latter is one of America's most embarrassing realities, yet it is a reality, and it's infuriating. Some of the dumbest sitcoms ever have enjoyed long runs followed by an afterlife of even longer syndication. Leave us alone, Rules of Engagement! No one wants you!

But apparently, someone does. After all, the only reason these shams stay on the airwaves is because people really are watching them. Even one of the worst TV spin-offsThe Cleveland Show, survived for four seasons in a world that killed The Real O'Neals after just two. Of course, the network execs aren't free of blame - their poor sense of humor keeps dumb TV comedies afloat while sinking some of the best. It's tantamount to letting the chimp fly the space shuttle. For example, in one of the worst TV network decisions, FOX decided to cancel Family Guy in the first season despite its popularity. Of course, they quickly realized their mistake and remedied that dumb idea. 

So, let's take a look at the various droppings of space monkeys through the years. Here's a list of the stupidest TV comedies of all time that somehow had major followings. Vote up the worst TV shows that enjoy way too much popularity for their lackluster and half-baked execution. 

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    Every single one of Kat Dennings's lines in 2 Broke Girls is a joke. Well, perhaps more accurately, every one of her lines is intended to be a joke. Seriously, every freaking sentence she utters is followed by a laughtrack, even when the joke isn't remotely funny, which is every joke. The show's writers mistakenly think that dirty equates funny. One episode had 42 sex jokes. This idiotic show should be called 2 Hos Who Work with a Sexual Predator because the Eastern European line cook's whole shtick is that he commits hilarious sexual harassment.

    2 Broke Girls ran for six seasons and was mercifully canceled in 2017, though it's still in syndication. Oh, and Stiffler's mom essentially reprises her role with the advent of an accent. So that's also not funny.

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    Big, dumb husband married to capable, attractive woman part 456: According to Jim. The second Belushi brother had a show that ran for eight seasons, and you probably forgot it existed. It's the TV equivalent of melba toast. "Physical comedy" was used frequently - yes, the humor that Dick Van Dyke relied on in the '60s. 

    It was just another formulaic sitcom with absolutely nothing special about it, but like so many bland shows before it, it lived on in syndication long past a time that anyone could have cared about it. You can pretty much guess the plot of each episode without ever seeing the show: Jim does something wrong > marital fight > makeup > who cares? 

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    To be fair, The Big Bang Theory wasn't always bad. It only became bad after three or four seasons, when viewers started realizing that they were just reusing the same jokes over and over. This is a reality that hasn't changed with the conclusion of the 10th season. 90% of the jokes can be described in one ironic word: sesquipedalianism. But it's not just jokes they recycle.

    Ever since Leonard and Penny became involved in a romantic relationship, the plot of virtually every episode has been about them fighting. Everything about the show is stale, and yet it's still running. We get it - they like nerdy things and they're all awkward. Do something new if you're going to pump out new seasons. And don't even with Young Sheldon

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    The worst part about Mike & Molly is that Melissa McCarthy is not allowed to be Melissa McCarthy. Molly is boring, unlike every other character McCarthy plays. McCarthy's explosive success is all thanks to her ability to play outlandish wackadoos like no one else, but she's so subdued in Mike & Molly that you can't help but feel shortchanged when watching it.

    The writers actually figured that out four or five seasons in and tried to rework her character. However, by that point, it just became a transparent attempt to take advantage of the talent they should have taken advantage of from the beginning. Meanwhile, Billy Gardell has a funny speaking voice and inspires fat jokes. That's his contribution to this sad shell of a TV comedy. 

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