The Most Cringeworthy Wedding Decoration Ideas From Pinterest

Getting engaged can be exciting. You're feeling the love, looking forward to the future, and trying to plan the best party in the history of weddings. So, naturally, you turn to the people of the Internet for help. Pinterest can be a great place to find advice and ideas for your big day. But remember this important tip: not everyone on there is a wedding decor genius

So while you pin photos of fancy cakes and classy table-scapes to your wedding inspiration board, consider the following list of dumb Pinterest wedding ideas a gentle suggestion for what not to do. These wedding decoration fails were plucked from the very heart of Pinterest and assembled into a must-read cautionary viewing experience for any bride-to-be.

You see, as many unsuspecting brides learned the hard way, wedding planning has a way of giving you “bride goggles.” Before you know it, a giant chair bow or a bunch of beer bottle centerpieces seem like a good idea. Don’t let it happen to you. Before you launch headfirst into DIY style Pinterest fun, check out these dumb wedding decorations so they won't creep up on you.

At the end of the day, stupid wedding decorations are admittedly subjective, but consider these terrible choices the ones most likely to make your guests cringe.

  • 1. When Frat Boy Meets Sorority Girl

    11,509 votes
  • 2. Damn, That's a Little Dark

    9,448 votes
  • 3. Sticky Hands: An Essential Bridal Accessory

    10,669 votes
  • 4. You May Now Kiss the Bride... If You Can Find Her

    11,670 votes
  • 5. The Definition of Class

    10,408 votes
  • 6. Nothing Says "Shotgun Wedding" Like Recycling the Beers That Caused It

    10,522 votes