Graveyard Shift The Dumbest Choices Kids Made In Horror Movies  

Rebecca High

There's nothing like a dumb kid's choices to move a horror movie plot line forward, as this video proves.

Curious kids in horror movies have been making questionable choices in movies for years. Take for example The Ring, when Aiden Keller totally hears his parents arguing about a dangerous tape, then goes straight for that creepy unmarked VHS and pops it into the player anyway.

Or in the new 2017 film The Darkness, the child-protagonist Michael hears a story about evil ancient stones in the desert, so of course decides to bring one back after a trip, unleashing an entire trail of horror onto his famiy.

Wisdom comes from the mouths of babes, the saying goes, but maybe not when it comes to these horror films. Watch to see what other shenanigans kids caused by making dumb choices.