The Stupidest Comic Book Vehicles For Super Characters Who Don't Need Vehicles At All

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Vote up the comic book cars, planes, helicopters, and jalopies that make the least sense for the characters behind the wheel.

Sometimes, superbeings are paired up with not-so-super vehicles. From barely invisible planes to full-on, four-person bathtubs, Marvel and DC comics are littered with plenty of dumb superhero vehicles. Characters coupled with their awkward, weird, and/or useless machine counterparts leave the reader wondering why they were included in the first place.

But which superhero vehicle in the comic book universe is the absolute worst? Is it one of Spider-Man's gawky, alternate modes of transportation, or one of the weirdly massive, flying saucers? Just leave it to a bad vehicle to make an otherwise cool comic book character look like a complete buffoon. Even if they're only around for a few panels, terrible comic book vehicles are as awkward as they are unforgettable.


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    The Thanos Copter

    An overbearingly yellow chopper with the word "THANOS" scribed across the side, the Thanos Copter might not be the most sensible getaway vehicle for the barreling, purple beast, but it's certainly the most flamboyant. The strongest - and possibly deadliest - cosmic adversary of the Marvel Universe has no issues boarding a tiny bubble helicopter and zooming away to his next destination.

    Although a handy mode of transportation, he only uses it twice, in 1979's Spidey Super Stories and decades later in 2015's Deadpool.

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    The Supermobile

    The Supermobile
    Photo: DC Comics

    The Supermobile serves as a soaring, multi-faceted vehicle for the DC Kryptonian alien, Superman. 1978's Action Comics #481 brought Superman a car that was just as super-powerful as himself - one which both duplicates and amplifies his powers.

    It also comes with some pretty wonky devices installed, such as hyper-extending mechanical robot arms and air jets that let Superman target his super breath.

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    The Blitz Buggy

    In 1941's Marvel Mystery Comics #22, Namor, the DC Comics-dwelling, Atlantean superhero, builds his own land cruiser out of scrap metal. Its purpose? To herd out and apprehend Nazis.

    Even though he hails the vehicle as a technological marvel, one that even the German army would want for themselves, Namor abandons the Jeep soon afterward.

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    The Fiddle Car

    The Fiddle Car
    Photo: DC Comics

    The Fiddle Car, property of The Fiddler in 1948's All-Flash #32, is an elongated car in the shape of a violin. The open-air vehicle might provide a breeze for its travelers, but beyond looking like a flashy corvette, the Fiddle Car serves little other purpose.

    The Fiddler might be able to use his instrument to control the people around him, but the car he drives around with him is just for show.