The Dumbest Criminals of 2018

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While films like The Silence of the Lambs and The Usual Suspects often portray criminals as geniuses, the truth is a lot of law-breakers aren't the brightest. This dumbest criminals 2018 list illustrates as much. This collection of the worst criminals of the year showcases some of the most absurdly inept culprits out there. 

Stupid criminals in 2018 seem like they want to get caught. The worst criminals of the year appear to plot crimes that are easily solvable. The incompetence in these 2018 dumb crimes is truly extraordinary. 

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    A Wanted Man Applied For A Job With A Police Station

    Bank of America reported Alberto Saavedra Lopez to the Arizona authorities in 2016. They suspected Lopez, then an employee of a local branch, had stolen $5,000 from the bank over the course of three months. Lopez promptly quit his job and moved to Phoenix.

    In early 2018, Lopez applied for a job as a dispatcher for the Cottonwood Police Department – despite the fact that he was still a fugitive. The police thought the easiest way to catch Lopez was to schedule an interview. When he arrived at the station, he was arrested.

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    A Shoplifter Used Play Doh To Block A Security Camera, Leaving Their Fingerprints Behind

    A Shoplifter Used Play Doh To Block A Security Camera, Leaving Their Fingerprints Behind
    Photo: Leicester Police Department / Facebook

    In Leicester, Massachusetts, a shoplifter tried to block a security camera at a local retailer using Play Doh. The thief then fled the scene, leaving the Play Doh behind. However, they left their fingerprints in the clay, which police used to identify them The Leicester Police Department was apparently very amused by the incident, and posted the story on their Facebook page. 

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    Three People Stole A Shark In A Baby Stroller And Forgot To Cover Their License Plate

    On July 28, 2018, two men and a woman shark-napped Miss Helen, a 16-inch-long horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas. Miss Helen lives in a tank that allows visitors to pet the animals, and the trio scooped her up in their own net and slipped her into a baby stroller

    Officials worried Miss Helen would perish during the theft (she was placed in 52-degree water; she is used to a balmy 76-degree environment), but she made it through all the way to one of the criminal's houses. 

    Authorities tracked down the burglars thanks to surveillance footage of the thieves' license plate. On July 30, police discovered Miss Helen in a large pool in one of their homes, which also housed other marine creatures. One of the men claimed he bought her, citing a clearly doctored receipt. Police arrested the two men for theft, and they brought in the woman for questioning.