Unspeakable Crimes The Dumbest Criminals of 2015  

Jacob Shelton
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Despite what we’re told by film and television, criminals are rarely masterminds. On the whole, felons and repeat offenders tend to be kind of dumb. Go through most local news sites and you’ll find this theory to be proved correct. The dumbest criminals in 2015 are some of the dumbest ever. There must be something in the water that all of these dummies are drinking, because it seems the offenders have gotten stupider since last year. Even though the dumb criminals on this list are from disparate geographical regions ranging from Switzerland to Florida, they have one thing in common – they’re incredibly stupid. Check out this list of the worst criminals of the year and try not to repeat their mistakes.

If there’s a running theme to the stupid criminals in 2015 it’s probably “shenanigans.” Most of them seem to think they’re pulling off a brilliant heist, but all they’re really doing is exposing themselves (sometimes in more ways than one) for the dummies they are. As funny as these stories are, it’s good to remember that these are still crimes and that they should be taken seriously, even the one where an old man pours a bowl of pee on a teenager. If while you’re reading this list of the dumbest criminals of 2015 and you discover that you’re related to one of these dummies, we hope you didn’t inherit any of their cognitive abilities.

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Man Runs Fake DUI Checkpoint While Drunk

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Photo: via Wikimedia
This genius in Somerset PA, got drunk in June and decided to pretend to be a state trooper while running his own DWI checkpoint. That is, until the real state troopers showed up.
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Alaskan Woman Steals Patrol Car Holding Her Husband

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Photo: via Wikimedia
Amber Watford was arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft and a few other charges after she managed to steal the car that was holding her husband, who was in custody for a DUI. Love is super weird.
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20-Year-Old Bro Takes Selfie with Arresting Officer

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Photo: via Wikimedia
After being arrested for operating while under the influence (in this case marijuana)Gilbert Phelps took an opportunity to snap a selfie with his arresting officer. Weirdly enough, this story ends with everything working out fine and not Phelps being Tased until he tasted colors.
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Man Arrested for Refusing to Leave Jail, Trying to Steal Truck Full of Prison Food

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Photo: via Twitter
After being arrested for possession of meth, an Arizona man named David Spurlock was released after serving a little time, but wasn't ready to go home. After being forcibly taken away from the prison, he tried to steal a food truck full of vegetarian prison meals and was immediately arrested on burglary charges.
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