Marvel Fans Were Debating The Dumbest Decisions Made By Characters In The MCU And It Got Heated

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"What are some of the dumbest decisions made by characters in the MCU?" - @TimAintCool

Over on Twitter, Marvel fans are debating the worst decisions made by heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Star-Lord losing his cool to the many, many bad decisions made by Spider-Man, people are defending or destroying heroes and villains of the MCU over their decisions. Here are a few examples. 

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    A Small Change To Strange's Spell

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    A Small Change To A Strange Spell

    A Small Change To A Strange Spell
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    Why Oh Why?

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    The Sokovia Accords

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    'Roll Credits'


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    'Reckless Endangerment'

    'Reckless Endangerment'
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