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The Dumbest Horror Villain Origin Stories

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It’s hard work to make a good horror movie villain. They need to have a good look and a freaky attitude, and it helps if they’ve got a good backstory. Some villains were put through the wringer as children and others were driven mad, but some horror villain origin stories are just kind of dumb. Whether they were brought to life by a cult or they were brought to life with vague magic, these are the villains who’d be better off without telling everyone their backstory. 

All of these characters with dumb backstories come from great movies. It’s just that their origins leave something to be desired in the way of making sense. Just because these characters have goofy backstories doesn’t mean you can’t love them (we certainly do), but maybe it’s best to forget where they come from and pay attention to the mayhem they carry out in the present. 

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