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The Dumbest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked

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Vote up the characters who aren't the sharpest tools in the MCU shed.

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are some incredibly intelligent characters like Shuri and Tony Stark, but for every Iron Man, there's a character who relies on something other than their intellect to get things done. Most of the time, this isn't an issue, and the less intelligent folks get by on their charm and ability to punch a person into orbit.

Even if they are beloved characters, these dummies have said or done something in one of the MCU's 23 films that sets them apart from the rest of the group. While they may not be complete idiots who shouldn't be left alone in a room with a fork and a wall socket, they've certainly had their "Stupid is as stupid does" moment at least once in the movies.

Check through the list below to find the character with the dumbest line or incident, and vote them up to see which one of these fools is the dumbest of the MCU!

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    Who He Is: Taserface was a member of the Ravagers who led a mutiny against Yondu for leadership of the faction. He's gruff and arrogant, but clearly not a smart person when it comes to properly leading his people.

    Why Is He So Dumb? When he captured Yondu, he took out just about everyone who was still loyal to him, but left his former captain alive. He then decided to leave Groot alive, which was a serious error in judgment, given that he was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    His Dumbest Moment: He knew how dangerous Yondu was with the Yaka Arrow, but he left the arrow alone and didn't snap it in half when he had the chance. He then left Yondu and Groot alive, which resulted in Yondu's escape, his acquisition of the fin and arrow, the demise of everyone loyal to Taserface, and the destruction of the ship. Also, he nicknamed himself Taserface thinking the name would inspire fear in his enemies, when all it did was make them laugh out loud in his face.

    His Dumbest Line: "It's too adorable to kill!"

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    Trevor Slattery / "Mandarin"

    Who He Is: Trevor is an actor who was hired by A.I.M. to play the part of "The Mandarin," a villainous revolutionary leader who struck fear in the hearts of Americans. He became a direct challenger to Tony Stark, and when it turned out he wasn't actually a leader, and merely the "face" of the group, he was revealed to be a bumbling moron.

    Why Is He So Dumb? He took a job that made him into a villain, he was responsible for numerous attacks even if he didn't carry them out, and he showed a great deal of poor judgment and impulse control problems.

    His Dumbest Moment: Once his true nature was revealed, everything he said and did showed how stupid the guy really is. His dumbest moment was taking the job of the Mandarin in the first place, but his dialogue with Stark didn't help improve anyone's opinion of his intellect.

    His Dumbest Line: "If you want something, take it, although the guns are all fake because those wankers wouldn't trust me with the real ones."

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    Roger Harrington

    Who He Is: Mr. Harrington is a science teacher at Midtown School of Science and Technology. He is responsible for overseeing his school's academic decathlon team and is one of Peter Parker's teachers.

    Why Is He So Dumb? Though he's clearly intelligent, having earned his degree from Culver University, he's completely oblivious to everything that's going on around him. This makes him a poor choice when it comes to being responsible for a bunch of children in Washington, DC, and Europe.

    His Dumbest Moment: Chaperoning the trip to Europe revealed what a bumbling fool Mr. Harrington could be. He dropped his camera in a Venetian canal, didn't research any aspect of the trip in advance, took his kids to a museum that was shut down, and accepted all of the surprising upgrades without question, even though it was clearly unusual and potentially a trap.

    His Dumbest Line: "As you know, we made it out alive. And that's the important thing. I couldn't bear to lose a student on a school trip. Not again."

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    Who He Is: The Other was the vocal proxy and second-in-command to Thanos. He represented the Mad Titan in most of his dealings with his underlings and served as his personal servant. He gave Loki the Chitauri Army so that he could conquer Earth, and gave him the scepter, which contained the Mind Stone.

    Why Is He So Dumb? He assumed that he was as powerful as his master when he spoke on his behalf, which proved to be his undoing.

    His Dumbest Moment: While addressing Ronan the Accuser, he spoke down to him and treated him as if he were nothing. Ronan was not the kind of guy you could get away with disrespecting. As he raised his voice to the Kree zealot, Ronan swiftly, and without a second thought, snapped his neck with his Cosmi-Rod.

    His Dumbest Line: "Lower your tone! I may be your..."