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All The Dumb Decisions That Prove Poe Dameron Should Have Been Court-Martialed

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Poe Dameron is cocky, headstrong, has a massive problem with authority, and is somehow still very high up in the Resistance chain of command. Throughout the sequel trilogy, audiences watch as Poe makes a lot, like a lot, of terrible decisions, with virtually no consequences for his actions. Imagine being one of the nameless Resistance fighters as Poe leads a full-on mutiny and then is almost immediately given his command back. 

To be fair, Poe Dameron is far from the only character in the Star Wars universe to make some questionable decisions. Dameron's decisions are just more noticeable because, unlike characters from past trilogies, when he chooses to trust a smuggler he just met or disobey orders, he gets betrayed and people perish. He's a hero of old in a universe with a new set of rules. 

So, is Poe Dameron a bad guy? No, of course not, but that doesn't mean you should put him in charge of your squadron should you ever find yourself in a high-stakes battle with your space navy. It also means that we should categorically go through every bad decision the guy has ever made and vote up the worst ones. 

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    He Leads A Mutiny Against Vice Admiral Holdo

    Leading a mutiny against your commanding officer is just about as last resort as you can get. You would imagine that if you were going to do this, you'd have to have a pretty rock solid idea about the goals of your commanding officer, and why those plans aren't going to work out. In contrast, Poe has literally no idea what Admiral Holdo is actually planning when he decides to rebel. 

    In The Last Jedi, Poe Dameron becomes increasingly dissatisfied in the decision-making skills of his commanding officers. He follows orders while Leia is still around, but once Admiral Holdo takes over, he decides it's time to take matters into his own hands and leads a mutiny to take control of the Resistance. 

    Now, if you're an action star in a film, and you know you're an action star in a film (and let's be honest, Poe knows he's an action star), it's natural to be totally confident in whatever decision you make. It usually works out. Unfortunately for Poe, director Rian Johnson was using Poe Dameron as a way to show the folly of the action star.

    An uprising isn't about one hero; it's a group of people becoming something greater than the sum of their parts as they collectively fight for a cause they believe in. This is made abundantly clear when it's revealed that Holdo is secretly preparing to get the Resistance to safety without the First Order being aware. Poe nearly ruins that plan with his rash takeover, though lucky for him he's given little more than a slap on the wrist by Leia and Holdo.

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    He Leaves Jakku With The Resistance Instead Of Trying To Find BB-8

    After Poe and Finn escaped from the First Order Star Destroyer, Poe Dameron insists on returning to Jakku to find BB-8. The two are separated from each other, and the film follows Finn as he finds BB-8 and returns him to the Resistance. 

    When Finn finally meets up with Poe, he learns that Poe woke up from the crash, couldn't find Finn, and then just kind of left to return to the Resistance. To understand how dumb this decision is, you have to remember that BB-8 is so crucial to the Resistance that the First Order destroyed an entire village to get to it. They viewed the droid's map as their last hope, meaning Poe should have searched every inch of Jakku looking for BB-8.

    This makes a little more sense when you consider that, behind the scenes, Poe was originally meant to perish in the crash, but actor Oscar Isaac convinced director JJ Abrams to keep his character alive. It doesn't excuse Poe leaving Jakku, but it does explain why he just appears out of nowhere later in the film.

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    He Puts The Resistance’s Fate In The Hands Of A Hacker He’s Never Met Or Heard Of

    If Luke Skywalker would have missed the exhaust port in A New Hope, we'd be calling his decision to turn off his aiming computers pretty dumb. Sadly, when Poe Dameron decided to go down the route of blind trust, it didn't work out so well for him.

    It turned out the hacker (known as a "slicer" in Star Wars) willing to do anything for money was also willing to sell out the Resistance for money. He wasn't a smuggler with a  heart of gold secretly willing to put his life on the line... he was just a guy who wanted some cash.

    That's the main difference between the world of The Last Jedi and the rest of Star Wars; this isn't a universe of fairy tales any longer. Headstrong heroes cost lives, and smugglers just want a little cash. 

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    He Immediately Trusts Finn

    Towards the beginning of The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron finds himself stuck on a First Order Star Destroyer. Luckily for him, a recently disillusioned Storm Trooper decides to help bust him out. Oddly, Poe Dameron trusts him almost immediately. 

    Trusting a Stormtrooper isn't the best decision, regardless of how well it works out. It's easy to say that Poe Dameron didn't have a lot in the way of alternative options here, but still, Finn is just some random Stormtroooper; he could be a spy, for all Poe knows.

    Speaking of unwise decisions, Poe should have known it's not the best decision to put a Stormtrooper in charge of firing their ship's weapons. They aren't exactly known for their aim. 

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