The Dumbest Reasons People Ever Found Themselves In Jigsaw's Traps, Ranked

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Vote up Jigsaw's pettiest, stupidest, and most inexplicable reasons for putting people in the business end of his traps.

Jigsaw has created a name for himself in the horror genre as a sort of dark, twisted vigilante. Though neither moral nor just, the serial killer applies his own twisted logic to his so-called games, forcing "guilty" people to solve deadly puzzles in the name of justice.  

Sometimes, it's clear why particular people are in the traps: murderers, blackmailers, and overall evil people who escaped the justice system. But now and again, Jigsaw's reasoning seems a little harsh. Insurance fraud? Bad parenting? What's next, jaywalking? What about eating a grape in a grocery store? No petty "criminal" is safe from Jigsaw's judgmental eyes.

Here are a few examples of the dumbest-ever reasons why Jigsaw's victims had to escape his traps - or try to, anyway. Vote up the stupidest reason anyone ever found themselves on the business end of a reverse bear trap.


  • Sidney
    Photo: Saw 3D / Lionsgate
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    Crime: "Allowing herself" to be abused by her boyfriend
    Movie: Saw 3D
    Trap: The Lawnmower Trap

    Everything about this trap proves Jigsaw is one of the least empathetic and most judgy serial killers in horror. In Saw 3D, Sidney explains she and her abusive boyfriend were placed in a room filled with upturned lawnmowers because she "allowed" herself to be in an abusive relationship.

    Not only is this simply an incorrect way of looking at an abusive relationship, it's proof Jigsaw has no problem perpetuating the cycle of abuse by putting Sidney in a situation where she has to knock her boyfriend into a pile of upturned lawnmowers.

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  • Hank
    Photo: Saw VI / Lionsgate
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    Crime: Smoking
    Movie: Saw VI
    Trap: The Oxygen Crusher

    Out of all of Jigsaw's traps, the Oxygen Crusher is easily his most devious. Two people are hooked into the trap, and when one person breathes, the trap constricts the other person's lungs and vice-versa until one of the victims is a goner.

    Hank, a 52-year-old janitor with a pack-a-day habit, is put into the trap with a guy who has a clean bill of health. It makes sense to place two people on opposite ends of the lung-health spectrum in this trap, but the sole reason Hank is here is because he chooses what he wants to do with his money and body. Is it that hard to find a murderer with emphysema?

    519 votes
  • Paul Leahy
    Photo: Saw / Lionsgate
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    Paul Leahy

    Crime: Attempting suicide
    Movie: Saw, Saw IV, and Saw V
    Trap: The Razor Wire Maze

    Even if Jigsaw's whole thing is to make his victims appreciate their lives, it's still incredibly uncool of him to punish Leahy for attempting to take his own life. This guy needs help from a licensed therapist, not an overly moralistic Rube Goldberg fanatic.

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  • Peter Strahm
    Photo: Saw V / Lionsgate
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    Peter Strahm

    Crime: Doing his job
    Movie: Saw V
    Trap: The Water Cube and The Glass Coffin

    Over the course of three Saw movies, Special Agent Strahm just does his job. That's it. So what if he lacks people skills? He's a federal agent. They're notorious for being stone-cold jerks. That's no reason to put him into two traps.

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  • Lynn Denlon
    Photo: Saw III / Lionsgate
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    Lynn Denlon

    Crime: Bad marriage
    Movie: Saw III
    Trap: The Shotgun Collar

    When Dr. Denlon ends up in a shotgun collar, it's not because she runs a car through a group of protestors or commits the sin of mislabeling X-rays, it's because she and her husband have grown apart. Rather than get a divorce, she enters into an unfulfilling affair before she's kidnapped by Jigsaw and his followers.

    It's not clear what Jigsaw wishes to accomplish with this test other than receiving free medical care. Even if Denlon survived the ordeal (which she does not), what was she supposed to do? Go back to her loveless marriage? File for divorce before catching feelings?

    This is yet another miss from Jigsaw.

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  • Addison Corday
    Photo: Saw II / Lionsgate
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    Addison Corday

    Crime: Sex work, framed by Eric Matthews
    Movie: Saw II
    Trap: The Nerve Gas House

    Sex workers live in danger of retribution from former customers and the police on a day-to-day basis, and now they have to worry about Jigsaw? We're beginning to think this Jigsaw guy has his priorities backwards.

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