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The Dumbest Technology In Science Fiction

Updated 29 Jun 2020 28.6k votes 5.3k voters 579.4k views14 items

List RulesVote up the seemingly cool sci-fi tech that would actually be terrible to use in real life.

Flying cars. Battling robots. Holograms and virtual reality. These are all devices that might have started out as pieces of sci-fi technology, but over time, these seemingly wacky ideas have turned into reality.

There's some sci-fi tech from movies and TV we wish were real, but there are other sci-fi inventions that are best left to the screen. Sure, some of these sci-fi technology ideas sound good in theory - who wouldn't want a self-drying coat like in Back to the Future Part II or extra storage in their brain like in Johnny Mnemonic? But if you really think about these sci-fi gadgets, they are impractical, dangerous, or plain unnecessary. 

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