16 People On The Dumbest Solution To A Problem That Actually Worked

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Apparently, you don’t need a PhD to be considered a genius. Some dumb solutions to real-life problems are totally brilliant because, in hindsight, they appear to be obvious – not unlike our collection of the 16 dumbest solutions that actually worked.

Redditors share problem-solving stories that your mind will be blown. Do you not want to pay to cancel a doctor’s appointment without proper notice? Do your cat and dog not get along? Do you need to stop the men in your life from peeing all over the toilet seat? Never fear, these Redditors got you covered.

Read about how to fix those problems and more with these supposedly true stories about problem-solving. Make your voice heard, and vote up the most brilliant life hacks in our list below. 

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    How To Outsmart Your Doctor

    From Redditor /u/Stellapotamus:

    I went to cancel a doctor's appointment and they said it was a $200 charge without a week's notice. I asked how much it was to reschedule, they said it was free.

    "Okay, so I need to reschedule for two weeks out."

    "Is three weeks okay?"


    "Alright, you're all set for three weeks from now. Anything else I can do for you?"

    "Yes, I need to cancel my appointment."

    "We need a week's notice."

    "My appointment is three weeks away."

    "Oh. Okay. Sure."

    "Thank you."

    Couldn't believe it worked.

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    The Bus Stop To Nowhere

    From Redditor /u/Kasper-X-Hauser:

    There was a [nursing] home in Germany and the patients with dementia kept wandering off.

    They installed a fake bus stop in front of the nursing home so when [dementia] patients got out of the building, they would go sit at the fake bus stop and wait for the (non-existent) bus. The bus stop was clearly visible from the main offices, so whenever staff saw someone out there, they would just go and retrieve them.

    Solved the problem completely.

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    Like A Tripping Moth To The Flame

    From Redditor /u/PaintsWithSmegma:

    I was working as a paramedic at a music festival when we got called to a kid tripping on acid. The guy had climbed to the top of a portable generator stadium light. So he's 20 feet in the air, on a light pole staring into this blazing midnight sun screaming, "I'm a moth go into the flame". We had several cops, firefighters and myself standing at the base for 30 minutes discussing how to get him down... Do we get a ladder truck and try to coax him down? What if he won't go. Do we [spray] mace up there? What if he falls?

    All of a sudden this greasy looking janitor walks up, turns off power to the generator, turns on his flashlight and aims it at the mothman. Dude looks at the flashlight on the ground, [scrambles] down and follows it to the medical [tent] like a puppy about to get a snack. I'm [embarrassed] that none of us thought about that.

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    Take Two Yellow M&M'S And Call Me In The Morning

    From Redditor /u/CptHammer:

    My great grandmother was a nurse during the WWII. She was tending injured soldiers as they were returning home. She told me this story.

    "The poor boys were in such great pain and they had all the pain medication they were allowed to have. It was really strong stuff... We couldn't even give them aspirin most times. I got a clever idea to use a new candy. The boy's thought I was giving them pills. Time for a blue one, time for two yellows, those boys would be calm for an hour or two and sometimes rest. I was their favorite nurse because I told them I wasn't supposed to give them the E pills because they were experimental. I always had a pocket full of M&Ms."

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    Way To MacGyver A Broken Fuel Pump

    From Redditor /u/Nevermind04:

    My first vehicle was a 1985 dodge ram that had around 300k miles on it. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly reliable.

    Anyway, my friend and I had tickets to go see a concert in a city that was about 3 hours away. We made it there just fine and had a blast at the concert. We couldn't afford to stay overnight so we started on the long journey home. If all went well, we would get home around 3AM.

    There was one stretch of highway where there was 60 ish miles between towns. It's pretty much the worst place to break down on that journey. There were big signs warning travelers to fill up with gas before leaving town, but I had half a tank. My truck sputtered out... halfway between the two towns. It sure sounded like I ran out of gas but the gauge still showed half a tank. All had not gone well.

    So there we were - 1:45 AM, stuck on the side of the highway in Texas, 30 miles from the nearest towns, no moonlight, and this was before teenagers had cell phones. We were screwed. After a bit of poking around with a flashlight, we discovered that we did have fuel but the fuel pump had died. We decided to sleep in the truck and mess with it in the morning.

    On those old dodge trucks, the fuel pump was inside the engine instead of in the fuel tank like a modern vehicle. It was powered by the engine instead of an electric motor. Essentially, the fuel pump would constantly pump gasoline when the engine was running and gas would always be available for the carburetor float valve. The extra pumped gas would just go back into the gas tank.

    I was just drifting off to sleep when I got an idea. I worked for almost an hour in the pitch dark. I used some extra hose from an agricultural fertilizer, a drink straw, screw clamps, and duck tape to rig the windshield fluid pump to pump fuel from the fuel line into the carburetor float line.

    I got in my truck, hit the windshield fluid lever, and the truck started right up. It took a bit of trial and error but I was able to get the timing down where I knew how often to hit the lever to keep the truck running.

    We made it back home just after 4:30AM. My dad wasn't immediately amused with my handy work, but he told all of his friends how clever his son was so I guess it passed the dad test.

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    Muddy Lights Will Travel

    From Redditor /u/SSmtb:

    Drove to a neighboring town 80 miles away with one burned out headlight, remaining headlight went out while in said town. I had no money, and shops were closed regardless. These were dual beam, so although I had lost both headlights, the high beams worked. I didn't make it out of town [without] getting honked at and flashed repeatedly by angry passing motorists, and understandably so. What was I to do?

    I continued down the highway and made it about 15 miles before I'm pulled over by the first officer to see me. I explain the situation, officer has no suggestions (this was before cell phones), tells me I can go but that I won't make it home without getting stopped again. I pull over at the next exit, get a free water, dump it in the dirt, make a thin mud, and smeared it over my lights. Worked like a charm, no more honks or flashes, passed multiple officers.

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