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The Dumbest Decisions In The 'Star Wars' Franchise

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As a film franchise, Star Wars is engaging, action-packed, and totally enthralling. That's probably why we're willing to overlook the fact that some of the decisions made over the course of the first two trilogies are pretty much the height of stupidity. The Jedi may be masters of the Force, but they're certainly not experts in the art of common sense.

Many of the battles the Jedi face could have been avoided with proper forethought or even a little bit of empathy. But of course, these dumb Star Wars characters think that they know best. Their hubris leads them to topple the Republic and spend decades upon decades struggling to take it back. Of course, the dumb decisions aren't limited to the Jedi. The Imperial troops display their fair share of stupidity. But as normal people, we're more apt to forgive them. The Jedi are supposed to be knowledgeable of a higher power - they should know better than to stubbornly stick to their decisions and then disappear when things don't go their way. 

For every egregious plot hole or stupid decision in Star Wars, however, there's a space battle or lightsaber fight that has us hooked all over again. We can forgive the lack of intelligence, but we certainly won't forget it. Take a look below at some of the most foolish decisions in the franchise, and decide for yourself if you think they're dumb.