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15 Dumbledore Fan Theories That Might Be More Fact Than Fiction

These Dumbledore fan theories prove that few characters have become so woven into the zeitgeist as the headmaster of Hogwarts. Throughout the Harry Potter franchise, Dumbledore has remained a stoic sage, there to offer sound advice to Harry and friends when they run into predicaments. Being such an enigmatic character who still had some mystery up his sleeves when he died, it's easy to see why so many Dumbledore fan theories have come up over the years. 

Dumbledore is many things to many people. He's a wise mentor. He's someone who could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if he decided to intervene more often. And he's someone who's inspired a lot of conspiracies. Which fan theories do you think hold some promise, and which ones would you banish to Azkaban? Vote for your favorites Dumbledore fan theories in the list below. 

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    How Dumbledore Actually Figured Out Nagini Was a Horcrux

    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore tells Harry Nagini is a horcrux due to the amount of influence Voldemort exerts over her. However, this is kind of flimsy logic when you consider Dumbledore knew Tom Riddle could talk to snakes and make them do his bidding from a very young age. 

    Instead, Redditor /u/acerthorn suggests that Dumbledore actually figured out Nagini was a horcrux based on what Harry told him about the night he saw the snake attack Arthur Weasley. Harry saw the events unfold from Nagini's perspective. This could only be possible if a piece of Voldemort's soul was in both Harry and Nagini, but of course, explaining that to Harry would mean he would have to know he's a horcrux, which would take away the chance of him figuring it out when the time is right. 

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      Dumbledore's Unique Fighting Style Allowed Him to Beat the Elder Wand

      Redditor /u/Lewd_Lawliet suggests that the only way Dumbledore could have defeated Grindelwald, who possessed the Elder Wand, was to incorporate a new fighting technique into his repertoire. When you look at Dumbledore's fights throughout the series, he doesn't just fling his wand around like other wizards do. Instead, he uses the environment around him to his advantage. 

      At the Ministry in Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore uses water and bricks to fling at his opponents. This could be why Voldemort does the same thing when Dumbledore and the Dark Lord fight one another at the ministry. He knew this would be the only way to kill a wizard using such a unique spell technique. 

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        Dumbledore Didn't Actually See Socks in the Mirror of Erised

        In Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, we're introduced to the Mirror of Erised, which shows you with your greatest fantasy. Harry sees his parents while Dumbledore mentions that he sees himself holding a pair of socks. 

        Redditor /u/HobGoblinHat presents the theory that Dumbledore was lying when he said he saw socks. In Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald, Dumbledore sees Grindelwald in the mirror. He's wrapped in guilt about what happened between the two, and if anything, it would make sense for Dumbledore to see his sister, right? The theory suggests that Dumbledore only wants to see himself holding socks because it will mean he's finally a happier version of himself. 

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          Newt Scamander Is One of Dumbledore's Spies

          Redditor /u/Obversa believes that Newt went to New York for more reasons than just releasing Frank back into the wild. Newt was sent to the States by Dumbledore to learn more about Obscuri. 

          We know from the original series that Dumbledore's sister had become an Obscurus. Newt is just another chess piece in Dumbledore's game to stay one step ahead of his enemies. 

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