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Dumbledore Was Just As Bad, If Not Worse, Than Voldemort

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Throughout the Harry Potter series, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore acts as a benevolent force who guides Harry and his friends through adventures both large and small. However, when you look at disturbing facts about Dumbledore, it’s clear he's irresponsible at best, and legitimately evil at worst.

One can make the case about Dumbledore's depravity surpassing Voldemort's. After all, both wizards needed Harry to die for their plans to work, but only Dumbledore hides his true intentions from the Boy Who Lived. 

Readers are rightfully wary about many terrible things in the Wizarding World and the Harry Potter movies: the mistreatment of house-elves; the existence of a restrictive sorting system separating students into houses; and Dumbledore’s entire approach to life. 

  • 5. He Waits Far Too Long To Tell Harry He's A Horcrux

    The concept of Horcruxes - objects Voldemort used to retain immortality and conceal parts of his soul - comes up late in the Harry Potter series. Obviously, the topic isn't something an adult wizard would want to spring on a child. However, after Harry faced death consistently for three or four years, he probably would've appreciated learning he's connected to Voldemort via a piece of the evil wizard's soul. 

    While Harry knows about his death from the end of Order of the Phoenix, he is unaware of his having to die until the end of Deathly Hallows. No matter how brave Harry is, he's likely not ready to die, contrary to Dumbledore's presumed goal. If Harry knows he's supposed to die in a battle, he may not sacrifice himself with such pure intentions, which is murky logic at best.

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  • 6. He Lets A Child Participate In The Triwizard Tournament

    In Goblet of Fire, Harry is 14 years old, which is three years younger than the minimum age of admittance for the Triwizard Tournament. Regardless, he gets in as a fourth surprise entrant. After discarding Harry's name from the Goblet, Dumbledore questions Harry about whether or not he entered his name. Harry denies doing so, and the headmaster drops the questioning, allowing him to participate in a deadly series of challenges.

    Putting aside the fact Dumbledore was in the middle of violent magical intrigue for much of his adult life, the previous three school years ended with various Voldemort accomplices attacking Harry. Does Dumbledore not think something's amiss? Instead of looking into who placed Harry's name in the Goblet, he does nothing, resulting in Cedric Diggory's death. 

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  • 7. He Rarely Helps Harry

    Throughout much of the series, many considered Dumbledore as the greatest wizard at Hogwarts - and probably in the entire Wizarding World. Despite this, he rarely offers real help to Harry. He gives a few vague platitudes and house points, but aside from those, Dumbledore is a relatively innocuous presence.

    However, by Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore completely blows off Harry. He's even downright rude to his protégé once things go south at Hogwarts. As always, Dumbledore had his reasons for being awful, but in this situation, he really should have said something to the boy. 

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  • 8. He's Partially Responsible For Tom Riddle Becoming Voldemort

    Tom Riddle needed adult supervision. Before he met Dumbledore, Riddle was off to a bad start. He didn't have any friends or family for advice concerning his trauma, so instead, he used his raw magical talent to inflict pain on everyone he met. After Dumbledore brought Riddle to Hogwarts, the boy fell into his studies and life became more muddled. 

    Dumbledore could have nipped Riddle's descent into evil in the bud if he acted as a leader, offering the boy guidance, rather than letting Riddle continue his downward spiral.

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