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D&D Players Share Their Dungeon Master Horror Stories

If you're a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons, you've probably had your fair share of dungeon master horror stories. Bad dungeon masters, one of the worst parts about Dungeons and Dragons, simply are something D&D players learn to deal with. Whether the DM perpetually blows or just went ropey all of a sudden, a lackluster DM can make or break the game faster than poorly rolled dice. If such a DM ever ruined your quest, find some solace with these Reddit Dungeons and Dragons players who shared their stories of the worst dungeon masters. Despite being a position of prestige, the dungeon master role often finds itself filled by someone who would find a way to kill a rock garden.

Even nonregular D&D players see the frustration of investing so much time and energy in a game just to watch the DM jump the shark like a failing sitcom that needs a ratings boost. When these Dungeons and Dragons players describe the worst DMs they've ever seen, you'll see just how much a game can be derailed, railroaded, or just made super effing boring - such as when it took two hours of in-game time to pick a damn lock. You'll feel a whole lot more grateful for your DM next time you play.