20 Clever Dungeons and Dragons DIYs To Enhance Your Game Experience

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You're walking through the woods as a heavy fog starts to disperse and come upon a wizard's tower... made out of Legos, cereal boxes, and you're awestruck. What do you do? You applaud your dungeon master for their hard work and effort of course! Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game that primarily takes place in the theater-of-the-mind, but every now and then a physical prop or two can really enrich a game setting.

Whether it's something as simple as DIY healing potions that are made with a candle wax, dice, and a glass bottle, or a waterfall made out of toilet paper and PVA there's something for everyone to emulate to elevate their D&D game. Vote up the D&DIYs you want to attempt yourself!

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    This Nifty Arrow Tracker

    This Nifty Arrow Tracker
    Photo: MrNaugs / Reddit

    From Redditor /u/MrNaugs:

    Created an arrow counter for the rogue in my campaign. Got inspired by the DM Scotty video... [used heart picks shown in this video].

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    A Fun Initiative Tracker

    From Redditor /u/TheSpeckledDragon:

    Step by step photos on my art page:

    Carved the stick, sanded it, varnished it, hot glued it to the tile base, printed tags for the pegs and glued them on, tried painting the base but didn’t like how it look so glued fake moss on instead.

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    Paper Craft Trees With Archer Nests

    From Redditor /u/SunRaven01:

    Made these using some existing art from World Works Games. Modified their design to make them slot together and added a platform for archers. 

    There’s a left, a middle, and a right section, and you fold them to all meet in the middle. I took that middle section only, mirrored it, and printed four pieces (two fronts and two backs, basically. Glue those to make two pieces.

    Now cut a thin slot from the top of one tree to about the middle, and from the bottom of the other tree to about the middle. That lets you slot the two flat pieces into one tree, so it will stand up. So far, so good.

    Now, the archer stand. Take your tree, un-slot it, and stack your two pieces on top of each other. Cut a thin horizontal slot in the crown of the tree. Since you stacked the two flat tree pieces, the slot is in the same location on each piece.

    Make a circle of the same diameter as the length of the horizontal slit you cut. I used a little over two inches so a medium base would fit on the stand. To insert the archer stand, slot the trees together, then make them flat, put the stand through the horizontal slot, and then rotate one of the trees open. It’s kinda like one of those blacksmith puzzles.

    The trees stop the stand from falling out because geometry, and it supports the minis. I threw my heavies white metal mini on it to test last night and it didn’t even flex.

    [Editor's note: The poster linked their workable files in a secondary post here and provided additional instructions]

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    Modular Cliffs For Variable Terrain

    From Redditor /u/AmandaWakefield:

    It's XPS; I believe it's 1 inch. I have a hot wire cutter and cut the rough shape from it. I used an exacto knife to carve pieces and chunks out. Then I sliced the grid lines in and widened them with a pencil.

    From there I scored the sides horizontally. Then ran my knife down it quickly in an up and down motion. Which caused the foam weakened by the score marks to chip and pull in a more natural kind of way.

    White glue [and grass flocking]. Spinkle it down. Tip it upside and shake off excess then use a sealer and spray heavily.

    [Editor's note: Additional photos found in this comment]

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    Cardboard, Hot Glue, And A Dream

    From Redditor /u/AlphaSquad1:

    I started with a large cardboard box and broke it down. I measured out a copy of the base floor and cut it out. I added up the perimeter of the shape and cut out a 2” tall strip of cardboard of that length. Then for each corner I cut through one side of the cardboard to make it bend easily. My cardboard wasn’t long enough so I had to use two strips each layer. Then flipped the base over and used hot glue to attach the perimeter around the edges, which kept it so the base was on top of each level. I figured it’d be much easier to see and move things around if the grid was on the top of each floor.

    And just repeat for each floor, using the previous one as a guide. The roofs I made to be 45 and the window eaves I had to just modify until they fit their cut outs right. I put a staircase on the back and little balcony railings from left over scraps. I found the battle map online, scaled it to about 1” per square (I found out later I was 1/32” short, but it was close) and printed it out. The 1st and 2nd levels were big enough I had to print it in multiple parts and overlap them once they were cut out. I just used tape to hold the printouts down incase any major changes happen I can update it, like the characters wanting to do a major remodel.

    Simplified: I glued a floor map to a piece of cardboard and cut out the outline of each floor in cardboard and glued a map to it, then attached a 2” tall wall of cardboard around the outside underneath each floor. Added decorative pieces like roofs and railings, and glued on images of doors and windows.

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    Printable Equipment Packs

    Printable Equipment Packs
    Photo: r-n-w / Reddit

    From Redditor /u/r-n-w

    I made some buildable item card kits to help get started when rolling a character. Since every race/class begins their adventure with an equipment pack full of useful bits and pieces, I thought it helps to have a way to see and use these starter items from your inventory, and is also a cute way to keep any items and loot won on the journey safely stored in one place!

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