Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Harry Potter' Lore About Durmstrang Institute

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Durmstrang might not have the best reputation in the Harry Potter series, but that doesn't mean everything about the school is bad. The author and fans have taken to the Internet to point out the history - both good and bad - about another school from the Triwizard Tournament.

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    Durmstrang Tries To Keep Its Location A Secret

    From Redditor u/dangerouslycheesey94 via Pottermore:

    [Rowling said] Although believed to be situated in the far north of Europe, Durmstrang is one of the most secretive of all schools about its whereabouts, so nobody can be quite certain. Visitors, who must comply with memory charms to erase their knowledge of how they got there, speak of vast, sprawling grounds with many stunning views, not least of the great, dark, spectral ship that is moored on a mountain lake behind the school, from which students dive in summertime.

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    The First Dark Wizard To Run Durmstrang Instilled It's Dueling Reputation

    From Redditor u/dangerouslycheesey94 via Pottermore:

    [Rowling said] The first of these unhappy men, Harfang Munter, took over the school shortly after the mysterious death of its founder, the great Bulgarian witch Nerida Vulchanova. Munter established Durmstrang's reputation for dueling and all forms of martial magic, which remain an impressive part of its curriculum today. 

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    Durmstrang Means 'Storm And Stress'

    From Redditor u/anatkh:

    Durmstrang gets its name from the German phrase Sturm und Drang which literally translates to "storm and stress," a name which refers to a German artistic movement of the 1700s.

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    Durmstrang Has More Students Than Hogwarts

    From Redditor u/dangerouslycheesey94 via Pottermore:

    [Rowling said] Both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang have a larger studentship than Hogwarts.

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    Durmstrang Teaches The Dark Arts But Doesn't Condone Them

    From Redditor u/anatkh:

    While Durmstrang might have a reputation of encouraging learning about the Dark Arts, Durmstrang is not a school devoted to the Dark Arts. Durmstrang allows students to learn about them, but does not encourage students to engage in activities that would danger their fellow students.

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    Durmstrang Does Not Accept Muggle-Born Witches And Wizards

    From Redditor u/anatkh:

    Durmstrang is a conservative wizarding school, meaning that it does not admit Muggle Borns, however, given that Viktor Krum went to the Yule Ball with Hermione Granger, it does not appear that Durmstrang encourages anti-muggleborn activities. Instead, Durmstrang, as a small school, prefers to be selective and "old school."

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