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Every Actress Dustin Milligan Has Dated

Updated January 27, 2020 1.9k views3 items
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Who has Dustin Milligan dated? The Canadian-born actor is best known for his role as Ted Mullens on Schitt’s Creek, but what about his love life off-screen? You might be surprised to learn that the list of Dustin Milligan exes isn't very long. Either that, or he's very good at keeping his dating life private. You won’t find out much about the Dustin Milligan dating history on his Instagram account, either. It’s mostly a display of Milligan’s hilarious taste in memes.

Is Dustin Milligan single? For all those hoping to couple up with the 90210 cutie, you may just be out of luck. Amanda Crew has been the Dustin Milligan girlfriend since 2010, so it doesn't look like he will be single any time soon. However, Milligan isn't married yet — the role of the Dustin Milligan wife has yet to be filled.

Actress Jessica Stroup is another of the women Dustin Milligan dated. Are you surprised by the people Dustin Milligan dated? Read on below to learn more about the Dustin Milligan relationships.