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10 Reasons Why Dustin Is The True MVP Of Stranger Things 2

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Stranger Things, like the Dungeons & Dragons game the show's characters are obsessed with, is a story about heroes versus monsters. And when it comes to this year's installment, Dustin was the hero of Stranger Things 2. Gaten Matarazzo is so perfect in the role that we can't imagine him playing anyone else but Dustin. When it's all said and done, he's the MVP of Stranger Things this year. 

He not only fought the Mind Flayer, but he bonded with a demidog named Dart, whom he treated like a pet until it ate his real pet. Plus, he made us love Steve, who learned that there was more to life than hair products, parties, and basketball. Dustin introduced the world to babysitter Steve. And we wouldn't have met Max if Dustin hadn't invited her to join the party. 

There are many reason why Dustin from Stranger Things is the best. Ranker can list quite a few:

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    He Led The Benchwarmers

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    Nobody puts Dustin in a corner. Even though he was sat on the bench with Steve, Lucas, and Max while the rest of the group went to fight the Mind Flayer and save Will, Dustin decided that he needed to go help his friends. Against Steve's wishes, Dustin led the rest of the bench down into the tunnels of the Upside Down to lead the pack of Demodogs away from the lab in order to give Hopper and Eleven enough time to close the gate. Without Dustin, the heroes inside of the lab might have been dog meat. 

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    He Sports A Very Cool, Steve-Inspired Hairdo

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    Dustin put the cherry on top of his MVP season by taking a few style pointers from Steve, the coolest kid in high school. After Steve tells him the secret to his amazing hairdo, Dustin decides to emulate it for the Winter Ball. The result is about the best thing we've ever seen. While the other middle school kids didn't quite take to the hairdo, eventually Dustin got to dance with Nancy, who probably recognized the jaw-dropping hairstyle as the work of babysitter Steve. 

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    He Trapped A Demodog

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    Okay, so maybe it wasn't a full-sized demodog. It was a cute little baby demodog he found digging through his trash, but it was still heartwarming to see Dustin care for the little monster from the Upside Down. Dustin wins lots of points for not wanting to immediately exterminate poor little Dart like the other members of his party. He even introduced Dart to 3 Musketeers bars. Nougat creates a bond that cannot be broken. 

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    He Introduced Max To The Party

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    Max is the newest member of the party in Stranger Things Season 2. She's the self-titled "zoomer" of the group, since she has a skateboard. This tough-as-nails middle schooler would have never joined the group if it weren't for Dustin, though. He first took an interest in her when he was searching for the mysterious "MadMax," the new Dig Dug record-holder at the arcade. When Max arrived at the party's school, Dustin immediately knew that she had to be a part of the group. He eventually invited her to go out trick or treating with the party on Halloween. 

    While it's true that Dustin's initial rivalry with "MadMax" turned into a crush on Max, we would've never been able to meet the tough new girl of the party if it weren't for his insistence that she join his group. We're glad she did. 

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