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10 Reasons Why Dustin Is The True MVP Of Stranger Things 2

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Stranger Things, like the Dungeons & Dragons game the show's characters are obsessed with, is a story about heroes versus monsters. And when it comes to this year's installment, Dustin was the hero of Stranger Things 2. Gaten Matarazzo is so perfect in the role that we can't imagine him playing anyone else but Dustin. When it's all said and done, he's the MVP of Stranger Things this year. 

He not only fought the Mind Flayer, but he bonded with a demidog named Dart, whom he treated like a pet until it ate his real pet. Plus, he made us love Steve, who learned that there was more to life than hair products, parties, and basketball. Dustin introduced the world to babysitter Steve. And we wouldn't have met Max if Dustin hadn't invited her to join the party. 

There are many reason why Dustin from Stranger Things is the best. Ranker can list quite a few:

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    He Teams Up With Steve To Hunt Monsters

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    Stranger Things Season 2 was sort of like The Empire Strikes Back in structure. Different members of the core cast were off on their own adventures of self-discovery, fighting off their own demons, before they reunited for a final epic battle against the creatures of the Upside Down.

    One of the most captivating storylines of the season was undoubtedly Dustin and Steve versus the Demodogs. Their unlikely friendship - after all, Steve was kind of a tool in Season 1 - helped flesh out Steve, and we are all grateful Joe Keery got a whole lotta screen time because of Dustin.

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    He Helped Steve Mend His Broken Heart

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    Poor Steve. Although we loved the jock high schooler this season, Nancy didn't love him. A heartbroken Steve spent most of the first half of Season 2 wondering how he could reconcile with Nancy after she drunkenly told him their relationship was a lie. Steve was in a bad place until Dustin asked him for his help. During their team-up to fight the Demodogs, Steve really grew up. He discovered he was a pretty great babysitter and cared about protecting Dusin and his friends. By the end of the season, Steve had accepted that Nancy truly loved Jonathan. He was ready to move on. If you didn't love babysitter Steve by the end of Season 2, you basically have no soul. 

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    He Got To Dance With Nancy At The Ball

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    When all hope seemed lost at the Hawkins Winter Ball, Dustin scored big time by getting to dance with Nancy. After showing up to the dance looking like the coolest dude but being rejected by everyone when it was time to hit the dance floor, Dustin ends up dancing with a high schooler. This ends up getting the attention of the popular girl who rejected him in the first place. Come the spring, Dustin will probably be much more popular with the ladies than he was in the fall. 

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    He Identified The Mind Flayer

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    Dustin is not only brawn, he's also the brains of the party. He's the member of the party who identifies the dreaded Shadow Monster from the Upside Down as an analog of The Mind Flayer, an evil entity from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual that is able to control the minds of other creatures and manipulate them to do his bidding. By identifying the monster, Dustin is able to deduce that in order to stop the demodogs, the group must destroy the Mind Flayer. 

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