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15 Times Stars And Filmmakers Got Caught Talking Crap About Their Own Movies  

Zack Howe
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There are a lot of bad movies out there. Even so, the filmmakers and actors behind those movies don't often admit they are that bad. For an actor or director to lambast their own movie might actually put them in legal jeopardy. That said, when a movie is bad enough, sometimes even the artists behind the films just can't hold their tongues. There are some big name actors who hated their own films: Ben Affleck, George Clooney, and Halle Berry to name a few. There are also directors who talked smack about their own movies, though they are usually more inclined to blame the movie studio for a flop

Most of the time, when these Hollyweirdos speak out against their work, it's years later in a "tell-all" interview. But every once in a while the public gets lucky and the filmmakers and talent of a movie will go nuts with some crazy DVD commentary tracks. It takes some real guts to make fun of your own movie during the movie. 

Here are some interviews where celebs bashed their worst movies publicly, and even better, some bizarre DVD commentary tracks where filmmakers just let loose on how awful things turned out. There are even a few writers who take pot shots at adaptations of their own creations. It's not really slander when its your own art, right?

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Patton Oswalt was a fan of the first two Blade movies. Unfortunately for him he was cast in the third film. A movie which, objectively, no one loved. Least of all the cast, it would seem, as everyone involved expressed how miserable making the film was. The film's lead, Wesley Snipes, apparently threatened the director for featuring too much Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel in the film and wouldn't let anyone call him other than "Blade" on set.

Well, Oswalt feels no remorse in expressing just how little he thinks of the film in interviews. He calls the film a "D-" and says that vampires taking over the world makes more sense than most of the other plot points of the film. 

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You may not have heard, but Michael Bay makes movies that audiences love to hate. And the cast usually knows it. In this interview, Shia Labeouf makes no secret of the fact that the second Transformers movie was a disaster. He does excuse the end result of the film slightly by saying that a writers strike was to blame for the cast and crew working without a finished script. Still not having that essential foundation of a film clearly made for a horrible film.

The irony is that he's speaking about Revenge of the Fallen in a press junket for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, explaining how they learned from the mistakes of the previous film. Which, as even Shia would have to admit after reviews and general audience reactions came out, was objectively false.

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Woody Allen hated his film Manhattan so much that he tried to stop it from ever being released: "I didn't like the film at all... I spoke with United Artists and offered to make a film for them for nothing if they would not put it out." Star Mariel Hemingway, just 17 at the time, accused Woody Allen of trying to seduce her. So she probably doesn't have the fondest memories of it either. All around, not Woody's best work and certainly didn't help his already bad reputation when it comes to young women.

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So, Joel Schumacher, and pretty much everyone involved in this crap salad of a film, have since apologized for Batman & Robin. But while none of them completely let slip their total disdain for the movie on the DVD commentary tracks, Schumacher did drop a few subtle hints. There's a general vibe of embarrassment as he comments, but at the 7:10 mark he says of Uma Thurman's deadly kiss, "This scene will not win the award for under-acting, but hey, it's a comic book."

He knows what he did. He totally knows. 

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