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Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, the Brahma Bull. Whatever you want to call him, he's one of the most electrifying A-list celebrities on the planet. He’s not just one of the most popular professional wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle, but he’s also an immense talent on the big and small screens. Just about every movie he’s ever appeared in has made money hand over fist, and his Instagram posts are the workout inspirations you need to get off the couch and into the gym. Despite all the ways he puts himself out there, there’s not a lot of Dwayne Johnson personal life info out there. Luckily for you, this list is full of (sometimes) NSFW facts about the Rock for your Dwayne Johnson vision board.

You wouldn’t know it from his multitude of late night appearances, but the Rock married fairly young, and he even had a daughter with his first wife before divorcing while he was still in the WWE. If you want to find out if you have what it takes to become Rock girlfriend material, or if you just need some good old fashioned Rock dating advice, keep reading.

Here are some questions that are answered on this Dwayne Johnson sex life smorgasbord: Does he have a nickname for his penis? Who is his man crush? And does he like getting naked on camera? The answers are waiting for you. Dig in to the Rock's sex facts, and vote up the most interesting one.

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    Of Course He Nicknamed His Penis

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    Get your barf bags ready! In an interview with Conan O'Brien, the Rock revealed that he nicknamed his penis "the Blessing." Nope!
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    He Has a Man Crush on Channing Tatum

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    After working on GI Joe with the Magic Mike star, Johnson threw down the gauntlet and admitted to having a full blown crush on his Channing Tatum. "I love Channing," he said. "We have a great rapport in G.I. Joe and I love him. He's like a brother to me and he's great. 

    And he is, according to some, and one People Magazine, the Sexiest Man Alive. And the truth is, and I can say this because I'm very comfortable in my own manhood and sexuality, he is a very sexy guy. He's a good-looking guy." You know you'd ship it. 

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    He Wishes More Gay Actors Would Come Out

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    Because Dwayne Johnson is a mensch, he told OUT Magazine that he thinks more gay actors should come out of the closet. "I know a lot of gay actors in Hollywood who don't want to come out, and whatever the reasons are I respect that. But I think if people love you now, and if you came out, they would love you more, and if they didn't, then they weren't real people to begin with."
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    He's Been in a Committed Relationship for Over a Decade

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    Even though he plays the playboy in interviews and on television, the Rock's been in a long-term relationship with his baby mama for more than 10 years. He told Esquire, "With all the cool s*** and success that I've been lucky enough to get? That doesn't happen unless the home life is solid."
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    He Used to Be Married to His Manager

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    Before he was the hottest A-list actor made of pure muscle, the Rock was a wrestler who was in a decade-long marriage to Dany Garcia. She was and remains his manager and producing partner, even after the split. 
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    He Requires a Low Key Date

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    While speaking with Red Book, Johnson explained why it's so hard for someone like him to go on a date. "I'm very low-key," he said. "I don't really blend in, so it's difficult to go out in public. I like to do things that are kind of quiet, whether it's a dinner at my house or a restaurant, or a movie night at home."
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