Watching Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Punch Someone In The Face Is The Most Satisfying Thing Ever  

Tucker DeSaulnier

Forget big budgets. Never mind overblown visual effects. Send Steven Spielberg packing. These things are all extraneous. The people of America - nay, the people of this starship Earth - demand just one quality from their entertainment: Dwayne Johnson punching people in the face.

It's that simple. He may have put his wrestling days behind him, closing the door on all those jabronis and guessing games about what The Rock might be cooking. Still, his outsized physicality and unexpected grace, when combined with his good guy charisma, inspire a singular urge in the audience.

No matter your age, gender, race, creed, marital status, or thoughts on climate change, you find yourself thinking, "I want to see this beautiful human whirlwind put his fist through the face of some silly, candy-ass punk with poor enough judgment to mess with Dwayne." It's a psychological fact.

You're feeling the urge now. Don't deny it. This is a hunger that can be satiated right here, right now. With the video below, you can absorb an inhuman amount of kinetic force. What happens when the unstoppable force when it meets the immovable object?

That's a trick question. Dwayne Johnson is the unstoppable force, and to him, nobody's face is an immovable object. Watch the video below and experience the the most profound source of entertainment in the known universe.