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Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Dwayne Johnson

Updated 16 Oct 2019 65.6k views28 items

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a titan of entertainment. In fact, he's more than lived up to his goal of being "The most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment!" He's surpassed sports entertainment and become one of the biggest, most bankable, movie stars in the world. He's fully transformed from a pro wrestler that sometimes acts into a full-time movie star.

But who is Dwayne Johnson? He seems bigger than life, but his diehard fans know him as a truly awesome, down-to-earth guy. From world records to a wrestling pedigree that goes back generations, there's plenty more to find out about The Rock than you thought you knew.

Vote up all of your favorite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson fun facts! And when you're done, check out our list of movies The Rock is in.

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