Which Dystopian Movie Characters Would You MOST Want On Your Side If The World Goes To Hell?

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Vote up the companions you'd most want on your side in an apocalyptic scenario.

While apocalyptic movies are perfect entertainment, we all hope that these disastrous scenarios never occur outside of our television screen. If you did find yourself facing the end of the world, however, certain dystopian movie characters might just have the skills you need to survive. Whether they're experts in battling zombies like Gerry Lane in World War Z, or they themselves are a superhuman machine like the T-800 in Terminator 2 - which is among the best apocalyptic movies - a companion who's fully prepared for the apocalypse can make all the difference in crucial situations.

On the other hand, some dystopian movie characters simply get lucky. They have no formal training and sometimes no idea what's going on, but they still manage to pull themselves together and survive. Take Jim from 28 Days Later, for example. This bicycle courier turned zombie fighter has no idea what is happening at the start of the film. Still, he manages to transform into a seasoned slayer by the end, which takes a certain amount of grit that deserves some major props. 

So whom would you want to fight alongside? Take a look at some of the most famous dystopian movie characters below, and vote up the companions you'd want by your side when the end of the world comes around. 

  • T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) refers to a series of machines also known as Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Terminator. Produced by Skynet, these machines have a hyperalloy skeleton combined with living tissue. In order to allow the machines to fight against humans more effectively, Skynet allows them to learn from their surroundings. In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T-800 is programmed by a future John Connor (Michael Edwards) to protect a young John Connor (Edward Furlong) in the past. Although the machine is initially set to "read only," Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and John remove the CPU to reset the T-800 to "read and write," where its advanced learning capabilities are in full effect. 

    Strengths: The T-800 has a learning computer brain that allows it to gain experience from every interaction. This system also stores information on human anatomy, advanced infiltration techniques, basic soldier training, and more. Whatever the T-800 needs to know, it can access that information within seconds, making it a very effective annihilating machine. The T-800 is resistant to certain attacks - such as bullets and blunt force - as it's built with more durability and strength than previous models. It also contains specialized scanners and trackers that increase its ability to predict environments and track potential foes. 

    Weaknesses: The T-800 is sensitive to extreme heat. It can be obliterated under extreme force. As a machine, it's also sensitive to electronic ambushes. If damaged, the T-800 must be repaired fairly quickly or the entire system will break down. In addition, it is a robot, so there's a possibility it can be reprogrammed for a different purpose. 

  • Before the Krippin Virus covered the world and turned people into monsters, Robert Neville (Will Smith) was a virologist in the army. He loses his daughter and wife during the first few months of the outbreak, and watches in horror as Manhattan crumbles around him, leaving him and his family dog, Sam, as the only survivors. While trying to maintain his sanity, Neville also searches for a cure for the Krippin Virus, though he hasn't had much luck. 

    Strengths: Neville understands the importance of keeping your head on straight while the world is crumbling around you. He knows how to hunt, which leads to a steady food supply. In addition, he has some medical training, which is invaluable in an apocalyptic situation. He is also incredibly organized and precise, as well as committed to whatever he sets his mind to. 

    Weaknesses: His mental stability is called into question after so much time spent alone and his continued failure to find a cure. 

  • Eli (Denzel Washington) is an older man making his way across North America after a nuclear conflict wipes out most of civilization. He's been charged by an unidentified voice to bring the Bible west, with a promise he'll be protected on his journey. 

    Strengths: Eli possesses incredible, almost superhuman survival skills. He knows how to hunt and search for water, which is crucial for staying alive when the world offers little resources. He also excels at fighting and can take down many enemies without any help. He utilizes a range of tactical tools, including arms, his signature machete, and a bow and arrow. Eli is blind, but his lack of vision has enhanced his other senses, allowing him to pick up on sounds and smells that other people might not notice. 

    Weaknesses: Although his other senses are enhanced, his blindness could potentially become a problem in certain situations. He's also a little singular-minded and will often ignore others who need help in favor of accomplishing his overall mission. 

  • Max Rockatansky - 'Mad Max' 
    Photo: Mad Max: Fury Road / Warner Bros. Pictures

    When we first meet Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson/Tom Hardy), he's a Main Force Patrol officer who seeks to put away the reckless and vicious groups antagonizing Australian civilization. However, he gradually becomes just as aggressive as the marauders he wants to stop. Although he tries to avoid his descent into darkness, the demise of his wife and son prompts him to transform into Mad Max, an angry and bitter vigilante who decides to enact revenge slayings for his loss. As Australian civilization continues to devolve, Max maintains his life as a loner, contending with people who would rather have him slain and occasionally fighting for those in need. 

    Strengths: Max is most adept at driving. In addition to driving vehicles of all types, he knows how to fix them, so it's unlikely you'll be stranded without a hope for help. Max navigates tough terrains and evades pursuers fairly easily. He's also physically fit and shows great skill in hand-to-hand fighting. Lastly, he has strong survival skills and quick reflexes, which allow him to survive in a harsh terrain. 

    Weaknesses: Max's biggest downfall is his vicious and aggressive personality. After losing his wife and son, he doesn't care about much in the world. He's often just as ruthless as the men he pursues, which is a scary quality in a survival partner.