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Fan Theories From Dystopian Movies That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Dystopian landscapes have always been such an incredible genre for movies. With totalitarian goverments and societies emerging from wastelands, Dystopias always keep us on our toes. While the landscapes tend to be stark or severe, this particular genre is never lacking when it comes to interesting characters and is often ripe with nuance. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting fan theories surrounding a few of the most well known Dystiopian films.

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  • Photo: The Terminator / Orion Pictures

    From Redditor u/AngrySpock:

    I recently had a thought about Arnold's line in the gun shop scene where he asks for a "phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range." For a long time, I thought it was just kind of a joke since he's from the future, but I think there was actually a reason behind it.

    In the scene, Arnold can see each gun before he asks for it. He asks for the 12-gauge auto loader shotgun, and a .45 pistol with laser sight. He asks for his plasma rifle and the owner's response is "Hey, just what ya see, pal." He asks for an Uzi for good measure, then loads the shotgun and shoots the owner.

    Why would he ask for a gun that hadn't been invented yet? We know from Kyle that Skynet's records are incomplete which is why the T-800 doesn't know exactly which Sarah Connor to go after. It's reasonable to think that Skynet's records on the development and availability of weaponry were also limited in some way. Arnold asks for the plasma rifle because he isn't actually sure if it is available in this time or not.

    Now, a phased plasma rifle would probably make terminating Sarah pretty easy, but I don't think that's why he asked since any of the other weapons he selected would easily be capable of doing the job. The real reason he asked the gun shop owner is to make sure that the owner wouldn't be able to pose a threat to him when he stole all the other guns.

    When Sarah asks Reese if he can stop the Terminator, he says "With these weapons, I don't know," suggesting that in the future, there are weapons which can take down T-800s. When the shop owner confirms for Arnold that he doesn't have any phased plasma rifles hidden behind the counter, Arnold knows there is no threat to him or his mission and he can continue with his planned theft.

    His question was actually a technique to ascertain the threat level posed by the shop owner before he moved to shoot him.

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  • Photo: The Matrix / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/John-on-gliding:

    The Matrix establishes that Humanity and the Machines went to war. Towards the end of the conflict, humanity scorched the sky to rob the Machines of their power source. We are led to believe that despite this feat, the Machines still won the conflict and enslaved humanity as an energy source. It’s been discussed to no end that humans would be a terrible energy source for the Machines. So, why do they keep us alive?

    For all the Architect’s smugness, it seems to me that, considering the alterative, the humans have a pretty cushy existence inside the Matrix. Earth is wiped out, but we live on with all the perceived amenities of the modern world while the Machines endlessly toil away to keep us in perceived material comfort. If the Resistance achieved their goal of freeing us, they would have billions of unplugged humans, all in need rapid medical assistance to adjust to the real world. Zion could barely feed their own people, now they’re supposed to sustain billions of disorganized humans on a dead planet?

    I propose that Humanity won the war against the Machines when they scorched the sky. But, victory came at the terrible cost of destroying the planetary ecosystem. Having rendered the world conventionally uninhabitable, the survivors programed the remaining Machines to keep humans alive in a virtual reality, in perpetuity. The Machines are programed to think they won the war and that they need humans as a fuel source. The Machines labor away to keep up alive while we live on blissfully unaware in a digital utopia mirroring the supposed pinnacle of human civilization. The Machines continue on because they are the ones under the delusion of that they are in control.

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  • Photo: Mad Max: Fury Road / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor u/Zephyrbal:

    TLDR: Max is a horseman of the apocalypse, but we ended the world before he could do his job

    If we take all the movies to be canon, Max possesses a few seemingly impossible features. First, he does not age normally, if at all. In Mad Max the Oil crisis that has lead to the current state of decay is in progress. In The Road Warrior that crisis has run it's course and society, at least where Max is, has completely collapsed. In Thunderdome we find that sometime during the latter days of the Oil crisis there was a nuclear exchange between unnamed powers, and that this happened long enough ago to be legend. In Fury Road (and the game), our society is a the stuff of tales even to the extremely elderly, and elements that have survived have drifted culturally and linguistically (guzzlene, Aquacola, remnants of Norse culture combined with the seeming worship of the roads and the vehicles that traverse them).

    This puts Max generations outside of a normal human lifespan, possibly by centuries.

    Second, Max is an agent of change. Though never the inciter of whatever incident in which he becomes embroiled, he nevertheless becomes the key figure in inciting change for the people around him (though notably, never for himself). Over and over he punishes the wicked, and either allows the righteous to seek a promised land, or in the case of Thunderdome, leads them there himself (though again it is not for him).

    Third, on a chrome horse he rides. Max can operate any road vehicle with expertise equal to, and usually better than, anyone else we see. He also possesses many versions of the same vehicle, with no explanation of how he acquired not just a new car, but the same car, as it is nearly always wiped out.

    Fourth, Max is unreasonably durable. Surviving and performing with apparently serious injuries time and again, and though not unique to him, he is an extraordinary combatant.

    Conclusion. Max is a horseman in a now irrelevant apocalypse, though he is certainly not aware of that fact. He is driven to travel endlessly, unconsciously guiding the righteous toward salvation (though of a purely terrestrial kind) and punishing the wicked. He possesses supernatural longevity, likely until his purpose is fulfilled, and he also possesses several other seemingly supernatural traits (such as always being able to find another interceptor), though he seems to be aware of none of them. His true purpose subverted by our own self-destruction, he is doomed to wander.

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  • Photo: District 9 / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/ckorkos:

    In D-9, the ship arrives on Earth with the starving prawns, clearly refugees feeling something. Their living conditions are absolutely terrible.

    Then we learn about the substance they use as fuel. When Wikus ingests some of it, he begins to transform into a prawn. By the end of the movie, we see he has completely changed. However, Christopher tells him there are machines on the ship that can change him back.

    Here is my theory: the machines are commonplace in prawn ships because the fuel affects all biological creatures the same. When on long voyages, leaks or accidents can occur which "infect" those on the ships. The machines were built to counter this. But because the ship was clearly in horrible shape when it got to Earth, I believe that there was so much leakage of fuel that it was impossible to change any prawn back to normal, because the air was absolutely saturated with it. So the "prawns" we see are just the infected forms of another alien race that has been completely exposed to the fuel.

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