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Times Dystopian Novels Predicted Real Life Events

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Science fiction can get eerily detailed sometimes, especially when displaying an imperfect, dystopian future. Well, at least we can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that it's all just stories, right? Well... not quite. You see, there have been times when dystopian novels have turned out to be terrifyingly accurate. From digital media to atomic bombs, we have seen things predicted in dystopian novels enter real life, many in the last few decades.

Now, that's not to say that real-life stories from dystopian books come to pass every day. We aren't in a totalitarian society where we hunt each other for sport, we're still able to breed, and the world isn't completely frozen over. But there are rare occasions where fiction starts to feel less like stories, and more like prophecy.

So which of these tall tales-turned-predictions do you find the most unsettling? You can vote which one you think is the most eerily accurate. Meanwhile, you can muse on which novels you think might be the next ones to come true.
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