Total Nerd The Best Video Game Trailers from E3 2015  

Jacob Shelton
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Every year when the annual tech and gaming convention comes to town we try to pretend like we’re excited about the new technology that could possibly change our lives, but really we just want to hear about all the new games we’re going to be playing for the next year. If you’ve been living under a pile of discarded Dreamcasts for the last week and missed out on all the action, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Scroll down to peruse the trailers for some of our favorite games that premiered at E3 this year, we hope you’ve got some time on your hands.

First person shooters seemed to dominate the floor space this year at E3, but if you’re not a fan of hyper aggressive games like Halo or Hitman, not to worry, there are also new offerings from beloved franchises like Kingdom Hearts, and Animal Crossing. And we’d be remiss if we left out the brand new trailer for everyone’s favorite JRPG that’s probably never going to be released, The Last Guardian (seriously keep dreaming). With all of the trailers for exciting new games that have been previewed this year at E3, it’s hard to pin down which one we’ll want to play the most – I guess we’ll just have to play them all.

Vote on your favorite trailer from E3 2015, and tell us why you’re so excited about it in the comments. But let’s be for real – if your favorite trailer is for The Last Guardian you’re going to be waiting for a long time.
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Fallout 4

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Star Wars: Battlefront

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Dishonored 2

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