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Here Are The Most Exciting Announcements From E3 2018  

Joesph Langdon
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The E3 2018 reveals were some of the coolest to date. Some of the games revealed at the 2018 expo were brand new, while other announcements offered updates on already teased properties. It's nice to be able to keep track of where the most hyped games of 2018 are in development. Some of these E3 2018 games have built so much buzz that even if they turn out to be total garbage, critics will still probably lie about loving them.

From The Last of Us Part II to Bioware's Anthem, E3 2018 was chock full of exciting announcements – give or take an awkward moment or two.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Nintendo announced their newest Super Smash Bros. game at E3, starting by revealing their roster of fighters. The company's 25-minute demonstration revealed that every fighter from previous Smash Bros. installments is returning, as well as some new players. The most notable addition might be Ridley, one of Samus's rivals from the Metroid series.

The Elder Scrolls VI
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Bethesda was full of surprises at E3 2018. After a quick trailer for Starfield and an extended look at Fallout 76, the company closed their show with a tease for the next installment in the long-awaited Elder Scrolls series. While the trailer definitely generated excitement, it managed to raise even more questions with fans, primarily concerning which region the game is set in.

Fallout 76
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It's probably best to start by explaining what Fallout 76 is not. It is not a direct sequel to Fallout 4, or any entry in the vein of Fallout's staple shooters. Instead, it's an online-multiplayer survival sim that takes place a mere 25 years after the nuclear war that created the game's post-apocalyptic environment. Reportedly, there's a focus on crafting, co-operation, and chasing after nuclear armaments to recreate the tragedies of the past.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is made by CD Projekt Red, the creators of The Witcher series. It is unsurprisingly a cyberpunk RPG with first person shooter elements. CD Projekt Red played their hand pretty close to the vest at E3 2018, only releasing a trailer and unrecorded gameplay demos to media, but they slipped a letter to fans into the reveal outlining exactly what not to expect from the game. The list included forced online multiplayer, microtransactions, and a pre-generated player character like Geralt of The Witcher.

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