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Ariel Kana
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This list covers the E3 expo demos at the 2011 trade show. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual video game industry trade show that takes place in Los Angeles, California. It's the industry's largest, most exciting event that offers a chance for video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware. This is a list of the most exciting demos that are supposed to appear at E3 2011.


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Nintendo introduced Wii U on Tuesday and it will be available to the public next year. The console has an iPad-like controller and it allows players the ability to look at the TV screen and the screen on the controller at the same time when playing as well as interact with both of them separately.


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The Tomb Raider demo shows Lara Croft fearing for her life within a collapsing cavern. There's more dialogue than usual. BioWare's Mass Effect 3 now features voice recognition on Kinect which allows players to order commands during battles.

The new Xbox 360 will feature YouTube and Bing support and the dashboard is more minimalistic. It will also have live television. All this will arrive Fall 2011.

Crytke's Ryse takes place in ancient Rome; Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has greatly improved visuals; Forza Motorsport 4 has new community modes, over 80 manufacturers and realistic visuals; Fable: The Journey; Minecraft; Disneyland Adventures; Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is a possibility.

Kinect Fun Lab will now appear on the Xbox Dashoard so players can create their own content by capturing objects, making images and doodling with their fingers.

Kinect Sports Season Two; Dance Central 2 has new multiplayer dancing; Halo 4 brings back Master Chief and Cortona (set to release in Holiday 2012).

Electronic Arts

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Electronic Arts will have more Madden, Tiger Woods, Fifa and other stuff with Kinect support. It also introduced Battlelog which is a new version of Need For Speed's Autolog social networking and multiplayer gaming system. The Sims Social is also new and will run on Facebook. The SSX series is returning and features, with the help of NASA satellite data, all the mountains in the world.


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Sony had a lot of things to show. Uncharted 3 features awesome water effects and character animations; Resistance 3 will be Move compatible; HD collections of the PSP God of War games and Team Ico are confirmed; Playstation's 3DTV will be providing an affordable, entry-level 3D TV; NBA 2K12 features Move support and point-and-click passing.

Medieval Moves, Infamous 2, StarHawk, Sly Cooper, Dust 514, Bioshock Infinite, Star Trek, PlayStation Suite, PlayStation Vita and Ruin are also on their way.