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11 Horrible And Unexpected Consequences Of Stretching Your Ears

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Remember when gauging your ears was super cool and every bad boy with a pair of drain pipes and a Hot Topic gift card was stretching their earlobes? If you never stretched your ears, it’s probably a good thing because there are a lot of side effects of ear stretching that no one deserves to go through. Aside from the possibility for intense pain, one of the main ear stretching side effects is a torrential amount of pus streaming from your ears. Yeah, no thanks. Similar to the awful tattoo horror stories we've all heard, there are scary piercing side effects that happen specifically to people who are trying to stretch their ears. As you’ll soon find out, even if you take excellent care of your ears, there are still ear gauge side effects that are completely out of your control, like rogue amphibious creatures and strange men with padlocks.

Most people who had that one friend who carried a skateboard everywhere has heard a few ear stretching horror stories, but none of them are likely to compare to the nightmares that have been collected here. If you have a weak stomach, you should munch on some dry toast while you read about all of the gross ear plug side effects that are listed here. If you have any issues with snakes, things being split in half, or infectious diseases, these ear plug horror stories are definitely going to trigger you in one way or another. If you’ve got gauges that you take care of and just want to gloat at a bunch of dummies who don’t know how to clean out their ears, then these stories are for you too. 

  • You Could Accidentally Rip Your Earlobe In Half

    This happened in 2015 when a young woman filmed herself stretching out her earlobes. Instead of turning off her recording device when her earlobe began to tear, she forced the 2.2cm taper into her earhole and ripped the lobe in half. This is one of the many cases where someone goes the DIY route when they should have just spent the money to have a professional do the job correctly.

    Learn from this girl, unless you want to split your ear in two - that's a fun look, right?

  • If You Go Too Fast, It Will Hurt SO Much

    An anonymous user on shared a story about the many painful weeks that they put themselves through by stretching their ears out incorrectly and at too quickly of a rate. The worst mistake that this ear person made was by using a set of tapers to stretch their ears from a six to a zero on their own. Their novella length blog post makes it sound incredibly painful. "I pushed and I twisted for about ten minutes until I was all the way through.

    My ear hurt so badly. I waited the rest of the forty minute car ride to do the other. As soon as I got home, I went to the bathroom, cleaned off what I could of my right ear with saline and massaged it a bit with animal byproduct oil. And then I started on my other. It didn't seem as bad as my right ear did. But again it still was probably up in the top ten of the worst pains I'd ever felt."

  • Wooden Plugs Can Carry All Sorts Of Bacteria Into Your Body

    Back in 2010 YouTuber "WorkingClassBeauty" found out the hard way that you shouldn't jam wooden ear plugs into your piercings because they may contain bacteria. There's always that possibility that if you wear them in water they'll expand and let outside bacteria into your precious body.

    But that's not exactly what happened to WCB. She woke up one morning with wild ear pain and thought that it might be a blowout (where your ear turns inside out) and when she took out her wooden plugs her ears "puffed up," which is the number one sign that something is infected. Yikes. 

  • Can You Deal With Deformed Ears?

    If you're getting any kind of body modification you have to prepare yourself for the consequences of the thing you're doing to your body looking not great, or not turning out the way you want it to. Apparently no one briefed "Kathleen" on this whole thing because after she had a bunch of tissue removed from her earlobes with a process called "earlobe scalpelling" in order to make space for her jewelry she had immediate buyer's remorse.

    She wanted to fix her ears because she believes they're keeping her from being successful at her job in the service industry.