All The Amazing Things Your Ear Wax Can Tell You About Your Health

Ear wax is one of those bodily substances that gets a bad rap. We shove Q-tips in our ear canals trying to get the sticky stuff out, when really, ear wax is there to help us. Your health affects your ear wax, meaning ear wax can tell you some pretty amazing things about your health - that is, if you're willing to pay attention and not get grossed out.

Shakespeare may have said that "he has not so much brain as ear wax," but don't let that sway your opinion (though that is a good insult to have in your back pocket). Too much ear wax is definitely a bad thing, but the color and consistency of your ear wax can tell you valuable information about your health. What is normal and what's a reason to run to the ear doctor? And should you try to remedy your ear problems at home?

If it seems wild that ear wax harbors information about the rest of your body, just remember that it's no crazier than the fact that your tongue can tell you about your health - and your number twos can, too .