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Film Early Prizma Color Movies

Drake Bird
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A list of Prizma color movies, with pictures where possible. Color movies first appeared as early as 1903. Today, most films use virtually the same processes for color. In the early days, however, various systems were used, including different film stocks, techniques, cameras, etc. The rules of cinematography and film development had yet to be written as no standards had yet been set. In 1935 the Technicolor 3 step process (Process 4) was introduced and the major studios set it as the standard. Since then, even more advanced color techniques have been invented.

Bali the Unknown

Flames of Passion C. Aubrey Smith, Mae Marsh

I Pagliacci

Moonbeam Magic

The Glorious Adventure Mae Marsh, Alec B. Francis, Wyndham Standing

Vanity Fair Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Venus of the South Seas Annette Kellerman