Weird History

Insane Theories About The Shape Of The Earth People Actually Used To Believe

The Earth is unimaginably large - even in a modern aircraft, it takes nearly all day to circle the planet. There have been historical theories about space from ancient to modern times, trying to explain how the earth is shaped and its place in the universe. Theories on the shape of the earth vary from those who believe the earth is flat to those who believe the earth is the trunk of a massive tree. By the Middle Ages, it was generally accepted that the earth was nice and round. Yet for some reason, in the late 19th century, there was a strange rebirth of ideas about how the earth is really shaped. 

Though the ancient Greeks were the first people credited with discovering that the earth is round, there is a persistent notion that it is a relatively new concept in the field of scientific history. During the Reformation and when scientific advancements in the 1800s began to threaten religion, ideas that the earth may be flat reemerged in the public imagination. Gathered below are some of the weirdest and most eccentric theories about the earth's shape that were posited even after much scientific evidence existed to support the roundness of the planet.