The Most Beautiful Circles Made by the Earth

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Circles made by the Earth only. No mines (humans made them). No impact craters (meteors made them).

The Earth is really quite something. Out of a bunch of dust and junk floating around the universe, somehow it formed and here we all are. There are tons of cool features all over the Earth, and many of them are circular. What kinds of round, circular features dot our planet? From atolls to lakes to all manner of other geological features, the Earth has made some pretty neat circles in its remarkable history.

Circular Earth features include the majesty of Crater Lake, some strange stuff created by flowing magma, and even a hurricane or two. What you won't see on this list of cool Earth circle pictures are mines and impact craters. While cool, the Earth didn't make them - human beings and those dastardly meteors did. On this list you'll only find amazing photos of circles the Earth made its very self. What a truly special planet we are very lucky to live on.