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The Best Animals To Hunt For Beginners

When you decide you want to start hunting, you definitely don't want to jump into it by trying to take out a grizzly bear with a folding knife. You're going to need to start out small, but how small, and what sort of game is best for new hunters? Most experts agree, the smaller the game, the better it is for a beginning hunter, whether they're an adult or a child.

Most experienced hunters will already know that these animals are some of the best and most popular in North America to teach their kids to hunt, but this list can be used as a guide for any inexperienced hunter, looking to go after something appropriate for their level of experience. Check out the critters on this list, and vote up the ones you think make for the easiest type of targets for any beginner hunting trips, then see which one rises to the top!

NOTE: If you're completely new to hunting, don't take this article as a guide, grab a rifle, and head out into the woods. Go with an experienced hunter who can show you the ropes, and if you can contract a guide, that's a great option as well. Never hunt any animal that can hurt you if you don't know what you're doing. There are a few of those on this list, and they are noted in the description.

  • Typically, a hunter wouldn't go after squirrels, but they're perfect for a young hunter to learn how to locate small game, take aim, and hit what they're aiming at. When hunting squirrels, you want to make sure you're not doing it in your neighborhood with a rifle, or you're likely to anger the Homeowner's Association.

    That's not to say you can't take care of your squirrel problem in the same place, but you're going to need the right equipment. To properly hunt squirrels, you need to use an air rifle that fires pellets or BBs. 

    These won't completely destroy the animal, but they will kill them, and it gives your kids a way of hunting in the backyard. That being said, you should never fire an air rifle in any way that it can hit a person, home, or car, so make sure the kids know where it's appropriate to fire their BBs or pellets.

    Training on an air rifle is a great way to learn the basics of rifle marksmanship without having to break out lethal ammunition, which is another reason squirrels are good for young hunters.

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  • Pheasants are excellent game birds to hunt for two reasons: they're relatively easy to hunt compared to other small game, and they taste delicious! Hunting pheasant is much different from going after duck since they aren't waterfowl. You'll need to find a good field or place with tall grass and make your way through it to a good position.

    Make sure you're quiet, or you will spook these birds easily, and definitely hunt pheasant with more than one person. It's best to have a large group of people moving or stationary along a line. When the birds take flight, that's when you raise your shotgun and take aim.

    Remember to be patient, and have fun with your hunting adventure! Hunting pheasant is a great pastntime, and it's especially fun to do with your children if you're getting them into hunting at an early age.


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    Duck hunting is one of the best sports for a new hunter if the area you're hunting in has a lot of ducks (and they often do). For duck hunting, you should use a shotgun with birdshot, which will give you a nice spread such that you may be able to hit more than one bird per shot.

    You'll want to take a well-trained hunting dog with you, and it should be one of the Retriever breeds. They're best-suited for finding downed birds and bringing them back to you.

    Ducks are also good for beginning hunters because you don't have to go out and hunt them in the way you would hunt a deer or similar animal. You can set up in a blind, put out some decoys, blow on your calls, and wait for the birds to come to you, which makes it sound easier than it is. Incidentally, you shouldn't fire a shotgun for the first time while hunting; it's best to get some practice in at your local skeet shooting range so you can practice hitting airborne targets.

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    Doves are one of the best-tasting fowl a hunter can take out of the air, and they're usually the first animal that pops up in an area's hunting season regulations. To hunt them, you're going to need to remain out of sight and wear camo clothing to blend in with your surroundings.

    Decoys can help bring doves out and into the open, but if you lack any of these, you can find doves near freshly-harvested crops, especially wheat and other grains. The doves enjoy feasting on the grains leftover from the harvest, and with the fields having been recently cut, they won't have much concealment.

    You'll want to hunt them with a shotgun loaded with birdshot so you can hit them when they're in the air. Like anything, you could go after them with a rifle, but you need to be an excellent marksman to hit them, and most beginning hunters don't qualify.

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