The Easiest Video Games To Complete

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Intentionally easy games don't count. Vote up the video games that are easiest to complete.

Video games are competitive, challenging, make you think, and get the adrenaline flowing. Well, usually. But some games just don't have the moxie. These are the video games you find yourself rushing through, surprised when the credits suddenly pop up on screen. Some aren't even close to being the most challenging video games.

So what are the easiest video games to beat? Whether it's unlimited lives, unlimited time per level, simple (we mean simple) tasks to complete, some games, even when played on hard, are just too easy. These aren't games that are intentionally made to be easy or are just for kids. The games on this list are real games, that are just plain easy. Some even have cheat codes that make them more difficult.

Below are the games that bring you a quick win, but also sadness at their ease of completion. Vote up the video games that are the absolute easiest to complete below.