The Easiest Tricks to Teach Your Dog  

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The easiest tricks to teach your dog are those new tricks that even old dogs can learn. From the basic tasks of teaching a puppy his or her name to getting the dog to play dead and leap, these are the most basic dog tricks out there. While not every dog will be able to master these tricks or concepts, more than likely if they can do anything, they can do these tricks first.

Dogs are smarter than many give them credit for and most can be taught almost anything. Want them to stay with you while walking? Teach them to heel. Need them to stop barking? The be quiet command works there. Even the fancier ones like roll over, play dead of high five are easy to teach with the right amount of patience, repetition and positive reinforcement.

Teaching dogs tricks isn't just about showing off or entertaining others, in many cases these tricks keep the dogs safe. The down and stop commands can keep dogs from being in situations where they could harm themselves or others and is a mainstay for homes with dogs and kids. The drop it or leave it command can save a bundle on vet bills over allowing a dog to consume something toxic to their system.

So forget those insane pet products for crazy owners and stick to the basics with your growing puppy or seasoned dog with these easiest tricks to teach a dog. Do well and you might even get a treat. Good boy.
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Great for keeping dogs from jumping on furniture and people, the down command is best taught by providing positive incentives for not jumping up in the first place. If your dog attempts to jump on you, turn sideways and give the "down" or "off" command then positively reinforce the dog when he or she does. Engaging with a dog that has jumped on you already will only encourage the behavior to continue.
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Lay Down
Dogs naturally lay down to rest so getting them to lay down on command is as simple as getting them to associate the action with the verbal command. Use positive reinforcement and the lay down command when the dog lays naturally to create this association.
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Teach your dog some manners in the shake hands trick. To start, have the dog sit, outstretch one of your hands and give the shake command. When the dog lifts his paw to meet your hand, provide positive reinforcement. Eventually, the shake command alone will be enough to get your dog to life a paw for a handshake.

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Drop It
A great trick to learn when playing fetch or for the dog's safety is the drop it command. To teach this, when a dog has something in their mouth such as a toy or ball, give the drop it command until the item is dropped, then give positive reinforcement. Eventually the dog will want the reinforcement more than the object and obey the command.
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