15 Unique Dating Red Flags Most People Don't Notice

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When you're in the early days of a relationship, it's easy to look at everything with rose colored glasses. But that usually leads to overlooking some easily missed dating red flags. If you're wondering what unique dating red flags you may have missed, then read on.

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    Treating Animals Badly

    From Redditor u/UTX_Shadow:

    My ex wife would constantly yell at the cats for… being cats. Spanked them too. I told her how you treat an animal, something inferior to you says a lot about a person. She wanted to have kids but I told her no. If she’s stressed with a cat, the kid ain’t going to help. May be a stretch, but two things that can’t communicate with you in English says to me you’re focused on your needs first rather than the thing depending on you.

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    Telling Tales Of Nasty Fights

    From Redditor u/NorgMan:

    Tales of nasty fights with previous SO's.

    "And then I broke into his apartment and messed his stuff up." - An actual quote a chick told me once.

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    Worrying About Cheating Constantly

    From Redditor u/Vanilla_Neko:

    Constant worry about you cheating.

    What I mean by this is the type of person where you're barely started dating and she's constantly checking your phone constantly asking you where you were why you were with certain people and why you were talking to a certain girl.

    Like I understand if you had a bad relationship in the past but not only is this all disrespectful to your privacy but it also shows complete insecurity and lack of trust. Not only are you so insecure you can't even fathom someone loving you which is going to cause its own problems as I know from experience but you are also so distrusting of your date that you have to constantly check if they are cheating on you when they haven't given you any reason to believe so?

    Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship without it the relationship will crumble and if I don't feel like you trust me I'm certainly not going to feel like I can ever trust you.

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    Controlling How Their Partner Looks

    From Redditor u/ParsnipBusy:

    Anything controlling about my looks, how I dress… I’m modest and dress for me.

    My ex would talk sh*t to me for wearing eyeliner “who are you doing that for?” Literally, anything I did that made me feel good about myself, he would get insecure.

    My current husband literally encourages me to do whatever & I feel so free. I’ve only been raised around toxic relationships & I never knew it could be this way.

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    Reliving Relationships From School

    From Redditor u/Feedthefeet:

    Just got out of a 3 year relationship. She would constantly talk about relationships from primary / high school - note shes 30.

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    Insisting That All Their Exes Are Bonkers

    From Redditor u/weedsferociously:

    Saying anything along the lines of "all my exes were bonkers" and ranting about all the things they did wrong/how THEY single-handedly f*cked up the relationship with no hint of accountability. Dated a guy like this once, he turned out to be terrible both physically and emotionally and then went around telling everyone after we broke up that I was "out of my mind" and "making stuff up" because I was "so salty about the breakup" to try and discredit me and stop me ever warning anyone else about his behavior. Actually ended up meeting and talking to one of his exes eventually and she details an experience the exact same as mine. Not necessarily implying all people who say such things are like that, but it's certainly a flag that I'll be wary of forever.

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