15 Red Flags To Look Out For When Looking For A Job

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Workers of the world: vote up the red flags people usually miss on their job hunts.

It's easy to miss out on some of the most obvious employer red flags during a job search. These Redditors are sharing the worst red flags they came across so you will know what to watch out for when looking for a job. Vote up the easily missed red flags to keep in mind.

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    The Company Doesn't Replace The Employees Who Quit

    From Redditor u/acidbass32:

    When an employee quits or gets fired from the job and the company doesn't hire anyone new to replace them.

    This happened to me exactly. In July we had a guy leave. Had a new guy come in from another division to take over, but here it is six months later and I’m still covering the former employee's workload as well as my already existing workload. I asked for a raise last month and I was told, “You need to take more responsibility before you are eligible for a raise.” I applied to other companies and am getting offers for 60% more right off the bat.



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    Your Work Is Berated And Questioned When You Ask For A Raise

    From Redditor u/MrsKendrickson:

    Two years working for the company and I asked for a raise. Now suddenly I have the owner's wife all over me digging into everything I have done and just making my life miserable.

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    There's A 'Zen Room' You Can Go To For 10 Whole Minutes

    From Redditor u/Sauerkraut_n_Pepsi:

    I went on an interview. They had me wait in the lobby.

    In the five minutes I was sitting there, three employees walked past me. The first just looked at me and laughed. The second said, “Leave. Leave while you can.” The third made the sign of the cross at me.

    Later, during the interview, the hiring manager showed me the “zen room,” which was a quiet room you got to go to for 10 minutes when you got too stressed out.

    I was offered the job. I declined.

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    'We'll Start You Low And Will Give You A Ton Of Money Later'

    From Redditor u/zbysior:

    To me it was a "We will start you low and will give you a ton of money later." They never do. Never happens.

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    The Job Description Has A Vague Salary Range

    From Redditor u/JetSetJAK:

    If the job description has a nondescriptive massive salary range like $25,000-$100,000.

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    An IQ Test Is Required To Be Considered For An Interview

    From Redditor u/flaky_sandwich9353:

    Having to take an online IQ test before even being considered for an interview.

    Backstory: when I moved to Australia, I was looking for work as a language teacher. I... found an advert saying that they were looking for teachers for gifted children, but that I needed to take an online IQ test to apply (needed an IQ above 125 to go for an interview). I took the test, sent in my CV and cover letter, and waited. An hour later I get an email asking to meet at a special cafe in downtown Melbourne the following day.

    So, I go and notice that this building needed a special pass to get in. There was a... lady waiting for me in a tacky floral print shirt and a white fisherman's hat. Immediately, she pardoned herself for wearing that hat, explaining that it was lined with aluminum to protect her from the cell phone radiation. I think nothing of it and order a coffee.

    Off the bat, the old lady tells me about how she has an IQ of 160 and the rarest blood type, similar to that of Tutankhamen... She goes on and on about this for a while and then begins explaining the job. She tells me that in the beginning, I wouldn't be teaching but administering tests in schools around Queensland to recruit children to special camps, where then I would be teaching.

    The whole thing screamed red flags, but I politely listened and got her business card if ever I had further questions (I got a proposal on the spot). I looked at the card and it said, "The wise ones." After looking it up, I noticed that it was a culty group.