15 People Are Sharing Their Biggest Roommate Red Flags Most People Don't Notice

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Renters: vote up the biggest roommate red flags that would have you moving out.

Roommates might end up being your best friend. They also might end up being your worst nightmare. If you'd rather avoid having terrible roommates, you need to get good at recognizing roommate red flags. If you're curious about what to look out for when choosing a roommate, then read these tips from Redditors.

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    They Communicate Via Passive Aggressive Notes

    From Redditor u/hellomina:

    If someone decides the best way to communicate is via passive-aggressive post-it notes placed strategically about the apartment, then you should consider finding a new place.

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    They Change Their Behavior Based On The Behavior Of Others

    From a former Redditor:

    If they don't have the same cleanliness standards as you, things will be a little rough.

    It will eventually lead to either someone doing all the cleaning work (whoever the cleanest of the bunch is), or lead to some big argument as things come to a head.

    Unfortunately for me I had this chameleon of a roommate. He changed his habits based on the laziest person in the room. When he and I first moved in together, we both kept things very clean, and I thought we had similar standards because I had seen where he lived before several times.

    Then our 3rd roommate moved in who is the dirtiest person on the planet. Basically we let him move in as a favor to him, because he needed a place to stay, and we thought "how bad can it be?" It was awful. My original roommate basically stopped cleaning because "so-and-so doesn't clean either", making things 2 to 1 against my standard of cleanliness, which is a pretty average/normal standard IMO.

    The house got so disgusting that my girlfriend basically stopped coming over because of how gross it was. I eventually confronted them, had some huge shouting match because one of them got their egos bruised, and the friendship hasn't been the same since.

    I stayed until 11pm cleaning that place on the last day there, simply so I could get my security deposit back. They had left at like 3 or 4pm.

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    They Don't Show Up With The Money

    From Redditor u/WafflesTheDuck:

    If you're interviewing them, they show up without the full amount of first rent and security.

    They are waiting to get a job or funds. Their car is filthy.

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    They Try To Pass Blame Onto Someone Else

    From Redditor u/bluegreentree:

    With my roommate, whenever there was a minor problem, their first responses were always to point out how they were in no way a part of whatever problem got brought up or point fingers instead of helping to fix it.

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    They Say They Like A Clean Apartment But Theirs Is A Mess

    From Redditor u/CthuluSpecialK:

    If a potential roommate says they expect the apartment to stay presentably clean that's a good thing; but if that potential roommate says that and lives in a sty, run away.

    Happened to me and turns out the guy never had to lift a finger cause his mom, and then ex-gf would always clean for him so he expected things to be clean, but didn't expect to have to contribute and would give me attitude when I tried to push him to do his share.

    His retort, "Dude, with all due respect, I agreed to live with you so you should appreciate it by doing the cleaning."

    My retort, "Dude, with all due respect, grow the f*ck up, or move the f*ck out."

    I'm ashamed to say that he got another girlfriend and she did all of his cleaning. We stopped fighting about it, and they are still together so... great friend... sh*t roommate.

    I'd live with her again though; she liked to bake.

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    They Announce That They Are "No Drama"

    From a former Redditor:

    In their ad, they say they are "no drama," if they are really no drama, they won't have to announce it.

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