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18 Amazing Easter Eggs in Wes Anderson Films

There’s hardly a filmmaker out there with as quirky a reputation as Wes Anderson; his film sets are always packed with random souvenirs and doused in precisely calculated color. Amongst all of the cartographer’s maps, binoculars, bells, whistles, and every knick knack, doo dad, thingamajig, and whatever the hell else, Wes Anderson always manages to find a little extra room to sneak in secrets, Easter eggs, hidden references, and callbacks to his previous works and films. 

In fact, some of the most interesting secrets about his films aren’t even specifically hidden things, but rather interesting trivia that could only stem from a director like Anderson himself. Did you know that Owen Wilson had a lime in his shoe throughout the filming of The Darjeeling Limited? Or that Jason Schwartzman didn’t even wear shoes at all during the same film? Anderson also likes to hide foreshadowing and in-jokes throughout his films - wardrobe from his previous movies have shown up in later ones, and eagle-eyed viewers might even catch a glimpse of Wes himself in an on-set picture frame or two. When it comes to Easter eggs in movies, there's plenty of Wes Anderson material to pull from.

We’ve combed through Wes Anderson’s filmography, and picked out some of the best Wes Anderson Easter eggs and trivia we could find. Cast your vote for your favorite secrets below, and see which of these movie Easter eggs you had already spotted!

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    The BB Hand Is Actually a Wilson Brother's

    Photo: flickr / CC0
    In The Royal Tenenbaums, Ben Stiller's character has a BB eternally lodged between his knuckles from a childhood incident. The hand we see with the BB, however, isn't Stiller's, but rather that of Andrew Wilson, Owen and Luke Wilson's brother. Apparently, Owen fired a BB gun at Andrew's hand as a child and the pellet has been there ever since.
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    The Royal Tenenbaums Theme Backwards Shows Up in The Life Aquatic

    Video: YouTube
    The song "Let Me Tell You About My Boat," in The Life Aquatic is the result of composer Mark Mothersbaugh playing the notes to his song "Scrapping and Yelling" from The Royal Tenenbaums backwards.
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    Those Are Real Hotel Employees in The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The hotel employees in the '30s era of The Grand Budapest Hotel weren't actors, but rather actual employees of various hotels the crew stayed at while location scouting. 
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    Bill Murray Took Diving Very Seriously in The Life Aquatic

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    During filming for The Life Aquatic, Bill Murray actually became a certified diver, logging over 40 hours. 
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