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30 DIY Halloween Costumes Anyone Can Make

Updated August 23, 2019 1.5k views29 items

This list features DIY Halloween costumes that anyone can make. Whether you're short on time or sick of store-bought outfits, easy DIY Halloween costumes can add fun and creativity to your holiday look. From funny DIY Halloween costumes to cute DIY Halloween costumes, this list features a variety of options for both men and women that are easy to assemble.

What types of looks will you find on this DIY Halloween costumes for adults list? An M&M has to be near the top. This tasty candy is a favorite Halloween treat and an easy costume to create. All you need is a T-shirt, white iron-on, and a few accessories to complete the outfit.

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes for men - or women! - it doesn't get much easier than a ghost. You just need a white sheet (with eye holes cut out), sunglasses, and a hat. A witch, a cereal killer, and a mad scientist are other easy DIY Halloween costumes for women.

Take a look at this list to get more ideas on how to create your own Halloween costume this October.

  • You can do Halloween right in this Rosie the Riveter costume inspired by @kdmoore95.

    What You Need:

    • Denim button down
    • Red bandana
    • Category: Mural
  • Men in Black

    You'll make this DIY Men in Black Halloween costume inspired by @nadzthenadz look good.

    What You Need:

    • Black suit jacket
    • Black pants
    • Black tie
    • White button down
    • Black sunglasses
    • Toy gun (optional)
    • Minion

      People of all ages will love this DIY Minion costume inspired by @noukaa29.

      What You Need:

      • Yellow T-shirt
      • Overalls
      • Oversized glasses
      • Grapes

        This sweet DIY costume, inspired by @nena_in_uae_, can be made with balloons.

        What You Need:

        • Purple T-shirt
        • Purple pants
        • 25 purple balloons
        • Safety Pins
        • Fake leaves or Green hat (optional)