Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes Even You Can Make

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List includes costumes you can create with minimal effort

There's just no excuse. If you're going out on Halloween, you'll have to wear a costume. But if you're not into spending tons of cash and time on a complicated/unrecognizable look, there are plenty of completely awesome options for the lazy partier. Just check out this list of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes even you can make. 

Time is a tickin' and if you're not the craftiest, you're definitely going to need some easy Halloween costume ideas. The great news is there are super easy DIY costumes almost anyone can pull off. Most of these ideas just require a few simple items like makeup, hot glue, poster board, and a small amount of time. Forget research and ingenuity! Just follow these ideas for how to make easy and cheap Halloween costumes!

So before you just give up and throw on a pair of cat ears, check out our list of last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas!

  • Google Maps

    Some duct tape, construction paper, and a printer (so you can print out the street names) are all you need to create this Google Map costume idea from Redditor u/narkeeso

  • Ace Ventura

    Reddit user Mayo_On_My_Apple recommends a pink tutu, a Hawaiian shirt, a ton of hairspray, and a couple test runs to hit this Ace Ventura pose. You'll win Halloween for sure. 

  • Beanie Babies

    Beanie Babies
    Video: YouTube

    It's so easy to create this costume idea from YouTube user Brooke Rivera. All you need is animal ears - your choice - and a TY heart tag created from cardboard. Don't forget to add the scanning barcode to the back of the tag! 

  • Duct Tape Bacon and Egg

    Duct Tape Bacon and Egg
    Video: YouTube

    These bacon and egg costumes are made entirely out of duct tape. Follow this tutorial from You Tube user artducko

  • Minion

    Video: YouTube

    All you need is some pipe cleaners and a yellow shirt. Follow this super cute video tutorial from Bethany Mota.

  • Snakes on a Plane

    Snakes on a Plane
    Photo: Former Redditor / Reddit

    A former Redditor needed only poster board and string, markers, and some rubber snakes, or maybe those are made out of frosting.