Simple Laundry Hacks That Will Buy Any Busy Parent Loads More Time

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Doing the laundry wouldn't necessarily be such a chore if you didn't have to do it all the time, but it's one of those tasks with which you've got to keep up or you'll literally be out in the cold. However, there's a whole list of fun tips out there to help with making laundry easier (and possibly more fun). After all, who can't benefit from some tips and tricks for doing laundry? Everyone's gotta do it!

Some of these simple laundry hacks are inventive ways to get out tough stains. Others are time-saving laundry tips on how to deal with massive clothes loads from a big household, or if you’re one of those people who wait two-months between washes. And you might just find that these tips save you some money in sending clothes out to be laundered by someone else (those instant-wash apps can add up!)

Either way, here are the best laundry hacks that will show you how to improve your laundry day and get more time for the G and T in GTL (gym, tan, laundry). Vote on which tip you think is the most useful, and be sure to try it out next time you’ve got a pile of dirty clothes to wash.

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    Washers Need Love... And Cleaning, Too

    Washers Need Love... And Cleaning, Too
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    After a long period of use, washers can build up bacteria and leave your clothes smelling funky. You can use a natural solution to clean the washer itself. Put your washer on the highest heat and longest wash time. Then add four cups of white vinegar once it’s filled up.

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    Get Ink Out With Alcohol

    Get Ink Out With Alcohol
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    If you’ve got school-aged kids, or if you’re an old-timey note-taker, ink will likely end up on clothes. Though it always looks like irreversible damage, the good news is that you can get it out with alcohol. If you don’t feel like wasting the good vodka, spray the stain with some hairspray or use some hand sanitizer on it.

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    Tennis Balls Keep Your Bedding Fluffy

    Tennis Balls Keep Your Bedding Fluffy
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    If you’ve got a few kids or live in winter winter, there's probably a pretty big market in your house for washing your bedding, and comforters can be a tricky one because they're so big and can sometimes clog or break a standard washer/dryer, or just take multiple cycles to fully wash and dry out. But there’s a surprising hack you can try to will cut down drying time and keep your bedding plush. Throw some clean tennis balls in with the comforter to keep it nice and fluffy. The same goes for pillows and winter coats. Just don't reuse the ones the dog's been fetching — it kind of defeats the purpose of the hack.

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    Beat The Black Hole Of Sock Disappearances

    Beat The Black Hole Of Sock Disappearances
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    Individual socks always end up in a black hole somewhere, the same black hole that sucks up all your bobby pins and workable pens. But, you never need to have a lonely sock again with this hack. Just place all the socks in a mesh laundry or lingerie bag and throw them in the wash together. They’ll never get separated.

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    Save Time Before The Wash By Pre-Sorting Clothes

    If you’ve got the space, you can save time sorting your clothes before the wash. Just get three or four cheap foldable laundry baskets for each type of wash: whites, darks, permanent press, and for heavier items like pants and sweatshirts.

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    Get Out Grass Stains With Two Products You'll Find Around Your House


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    Grass stains are common, especially if you’ve got kids. The best solution to getting that stain out involves mixing about 1 TBS. of dish soap with 2 TBS. of hydrogen peroxide in small bowl. Then dampen the stain with lukewarm water and apply the solution. Let it sink in for 15 minutes, rinse, and then throw it in with the rest of the wash.

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