14 Superhero Movie Cameos That Were Way Too Easy To Miss

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Yeah, yeah... Stan Lee popped up in every Marvel movie there for a while - but how about the more obscure superhero movie cameos? Sometimes a minor role is so minute, it's over before you even noticed what was going on. There are "blink and you'll miss it" cameos that are more by the numbers. And then there are "watch intently and you'll still miss it" cameos that are more like Easter eggs than anything else.

Like, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello showing up as a terrorist who gets punched by Tony Stark in Iron Man. Or Kenneth Branagh randomly voicing a distress call that rings out during the opening of Avengers: Infinity War. Or Noel Neill, the original Lois Lane, having a small role in 2006's Superman Returns. Get your glasses on for some eagle-eyed sleuthing as we run through the superhero movie cameos that were way too easy to miss.

  • Paul Soles had two claims to fame as an actor: playing Hermey, the reject elf who wants to be a dentist in 1964's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer television special, and voicing Peter Parker (and a bazillion other characters) in the late-'60s Spider-Man cartoon. You know the famous Spider-Man meme? The one where two Spider-Men are pointing at each other? Yeah, Paul Soles voiced Peter Parker in that show!

    He had various other live-action roles throughout his 50-year career, but 2008 gave true Marvel die-hards one of the best cameos in the short history of the MCU. Soles had a very small role in The Incredible Hulk as pizza shop owner Stanley Lieber. For those not in the know, Stanley Lieber was Stan Lee's real name. That's right, the 1960s Peter Parker ended up playing a character named after Stan Lee!

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  • Tom Morello is basically a musical legend at this point. After more than 30 years in the industry, the famous guitarist has a discography that would make even the most seasoned instrumentalist jealous. He's a founding member of Rage Against the Machine. He was in the Rage/Soundgarden supergroup, Audioslave. He's even been a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. Morello is one of the great guitar players in the history of American music.

    And he was randomly in the first Iron Man movie! If you look really hard during a couple of moments while Tony Stark is kidnapped in a cave during the first act, you'll notice Morello as one of the terrorist soldiers. He's the first guy Stark knocks out after putting on the Iron Man suit for the first time. Why is he in the movie? No clue! But Morello's exclaimed via his Twitter account, Iron Man "kicks my *ss." Fun stuff.

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  • Nathan Fillion seems like a pretty charming guy, eh? Like, he's the kind of actor your mother would want to meet. Because he's just so handsome and nice! Having acting talent helps, too, and Fillion has carved out a nice little filmography for himself over the years. Mixing television hits like FireflyCastle, and The Rookie with cult films like Slither and Waitress has worked nicely for the Canadian. 

    And when Slither director James Gunn comes a-calling, Fillion answers the phone. Fillion's friendship with Gunn led to him having a cut cameo as Wonder Man in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a hilarious turn as T.D.K. in The Suicide Squad, and a voice cameo as "Blue Alien Prisoner" in Guardians of the GalaxyFirefly fans will hear distinct shades of Captain Malcolm Reynolds when Groot shoves his tree-fingers up the Prisoner's nostrils, causing the alien to whimper in pain.

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  • Comedy legend Garrett Morris may have never crossed over into Hollywood filmmaking in the way his talent deserved, but his television career is quite illustrious. He's essentially been on television in some capacity ever since he first burst onto the scene in 1975 thanks to Saturday Night Live. After that, it's just been successful sitcom after successful sitcom for Morris. The JeffersonsMartinThe Jamie Foxx Show, and 2 Broke Girls are just a few of the many credits he has to his name.

    Fans of the MCU might remember Morris from his seconds-long cameo in the first Ant-Man film. One might realistically wonder why Morris is even in the movie, and the reasoning goes all the way back to his SNL days. One of the classic sketches of the late-'70s era was "Superhero Party," where a bunch of heroes have a get-together at Clark Kent and Lois Lane's apartment. Margot Kidder was the host and played Lois, Bill Murray played Superman, and various other cast members played other superheroes. And, wouldn't you know it, Garrett Morris played Ant-Man! Now you know why Morris was called upon for this "wink wink, nudge nudge" cameo.

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  • Rob Zombie may have gotten his start as a heavy metal star, but he's carved out a solid secondary career for himself as a Hollywood director over the past few decades. You know, just two famously difficult industries to break into, and Zombie managed to succeed in both. Between original projects like The Devil's Rejects and franchise titles like the Halloween reboot films, Zombie has become something of a horror flick mainstay.

    Zombie also always seems to pop up in James Gunn movies. Zombie has had unseen voice cameos in four of Gunn's movies over the years, and that includes the original Guardians of the Galaxy film. It's hard to say exactly where Zombie appears in the movie, as he is an off-screen role ambiguously titled "Ravager Navigator." All you need to know is he's there! And that he had another cameo as "Unseen Ravager" in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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  • Ed Brubaker is something of a rock star in comic book circles. He won seven Eisner Awards in a 12-year period, which is kind of like winning seven Academy Awards in the same amount of time. It simply isn't done. He's written on Batman. He's written on Uncanny X-Men. He's written on Daredevil. His creator-owned stuff, like his mainstream superhero stuff, is awesome.

    He is also responsible for spearheading the creation of the Winter Soldier. Before Brubaker came along, Bucky Barnes had been dead in the comics for decades. He was Captain America's version of Spider-Man's Uncle Ben: he was long gone. Until Brubaker brought him back in a big way. And so, when Bucky's reemergence was adapted for the big screen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Brubaker was there in the background as one of the Winter Soldier's handlers. Brubaker is the one in glasses with a beard, not the one with a bow tie.

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